Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Super Mario Brothers Chess Set

Looking for a Super Mario Brothers Chess Set?   This unique chess set is the first and only chess set to feature the Super Mario characters which makes it absolutely awesome!! If you have a child who loves playing Super Mario Brothers then you finally have a way to pull them away from the screen and teach them the art of playing chess.

This Collectors Edition Super Mario Brothers Chess Set contains 32 hand-painted figurines based on the Super Mario characters, a themed chess board and is housed in a collectible tin - what is not to like? Whether you're a chess fan looking for a fun new set or a Super Mario Brothers fan looking for something a little different this Super Mario Bros Chess Set is exactly what you're after!

Super Mario Brothers Chess Set Pieces

Collectible Super Mario Figurines

The chess pieces in this awesome set are collectible figurines in their own rights and are represented by the Super Mario characters themselves.   Instead of Black V White you have Mario V Bowser.

Mario's Team Mario is the King Luigi is the Queen Princess Peach is the Bishop Yoshi is the Knight Toad is the Rook/Castle Coins are the PawnsBowser's Team Bowser is the King Bowser Jr is the Queen Magikoopa is the Bishop Birdo is the Knight Yoshi is the Rook/Castle Goomba is the Pawn

If you're hoping to teach a child to play chess with this chess set then you'll be happy to know that the pieces are clearly marked with the piece names ie King, Queen ect. This makes it a fun way for your child to learn how to play the time honored game of chess.

Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition TinCheck Price
Click on the link to read other people's reviews of the product........don't take my word for the fact that it is awesome and would make someone very happy if you were to give it to them as a gift, although once you see it you may not want to part with it :)

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