Friday, August 22, 2014

Special Edition Furby

Collectible Furbys For Sale - Special Edition Furbys | Limited Edition Furbys

If you love Furbys (and who doesn't?) then you'll simply adore some of these special and limited edition Furbys. If you're after classic Furbies or the 2012 Furby then you need to visit - The Furby Toy, but if you want to look at some rare, collectible and altogether special Furbies then you're in the right place here.

The 'Santa Furby' or I guess that should be the Special Limited Edition Christmas Furby pictured is just one of the Furbys that come with it's own numbered tag so you know only a few people worldwide have one of these particular Furbies.

Some of the Furbys on this page are Special Edition Furbys that are pretty cool, but aren't limited in the numbers produced. Having said that they really do add to the collection as there are a lot that people don't usually see such as the Racing Furby.

Seasonal Furbys

A Furby for All Seasons - Collect Them All!

I have found some special edition and limited edition Furbys for different seasons from Valentines to Christmas these really are gorgeous Furbies that are just made to be collected!

Special Edition Furbys

Some of the coolest collectible Furbies you've ever seen!

Special Edition Furbys for Sale

Buy a Fun Furby Today!

Limited Edition Furbys

Some of the rarest, funkiest Furbies you can collect!

Unique Limited Edition Furbies

Collect a Special Furby Today!

These Furbys are limited in number which means they really are the ones that collectors covet and there are some really awesome ones that I've sourced for you here. The Graduation Furby in particular would make a cool, retro gift idea for a college student that is sure to be appreciated.

More Furby Toys

There are lots of different Furbys/Furbies available including the Classic Furby and the 2012 Furby so if you want to check out some more Furbys then here's the link -

The Furby Toy 
The must have toy of 1998 has been reborn and is tipped to be one of the hottest Christmas gifts for 2012 - The Furby! 2012 Purple Furby The biggest problem ...

Which is Your Favorite Collectible Furby?

I think I'd love to have them all, but if I had to choose I'd be torn between Halloween Furby and Santa Furby as I could see myself using them in my holiday decor, probably on top of my Halloween Tree and Christmas Tree!

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