Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chocolate Gift Ideas

I love chocolate and I know I'm not alone which is why chocolate always makes a great gift idea.   You can give someone a box of chocolates or even a chocolate gift basket and you'll know they'll appreciate your gift.   A range of both chocolate gift baskets and boxes of delicious chocolates such as Ghirardelli and Helen Grace chocolates plus many more can be found at Lou's Chocolate Store.

What other things can you give someone who loves chocolate?

This chocolate photo gift box is a unique way of giving a chocolate gift.   It's a beautiful wooden box with a lid that let's you put precious photos in and when you open it up ........ mouthwatering chocolates - does it get any better?

A gift that doesn't actually contain chocolate, but celebrates it is a chocolate iphone case, these cases are good enough to eat - click the link and you'll see what I mean.

I have this chocolate 'melting pot' at home and when my daughter has friends over I melt the chocolate, add cream and they get to use the pot rather like the old fondue sets that people used to have. The advantage is that you can also use the Wilton melting pot to make up your own chocolates - something else I've done much to my daughter's delight.

This is definitely a great gift idea along with some great quality chocolate for melting purposes.

Of course when it comes to chocolate gift ideas let's not forget that it can also be a type of jewelry - chocolate diamonds are beautiful and you can see a range of delicious chocolate diamond jewelry at - Chocolate Diamond Heart Jewelry.

Of course if you think that someone has a good sense of humor about the effects of eating chocolate you could always look at giving one of my funny chocolate designed t shirts -

I hope you've found some great chocolate gift ideas here for the people in your life, I know that I would love to receive any of them if you want to get me any :)