Sunday, August 10, 2014

Elvis Presley Chess Set

This Elvis Presley themed chess set makes a unique gift idea for any Elvis fan.

The King of Rock n Roll still has millions of fans around the world and finding something to give these fans (that they don't' already have) can be quite hard.

This unique chess set is fantastic and can be left on display as a decorate piece of Elvis memorabilia or can be regularly played with if you enjoy a game of chess..... better yet, get two one to keep as a collectors piece and one to play with!

One thing is for sure it will definitely be a talking point.

Elvis actually enjoyed playing board games so it seems quite appropriate that you should get a board game in his honor.   This chess set comes in a beautifully decorated storage tin as pictured above.

The pieces of the chess set (as you can see in the close up image above) are -

  • Elvis - King (of course!)
  • Priscilla - Queen
  • Acoustic guitar - Bishop
  • Hound dog - Knight
  • Graceland - Rook/Castle
  • Blue suede shoes - Pawns
The chess pieces themselves are molded and the chess board is actually a folding one much like some of the board games that Elvis used to enjoy playing with Priscilla when they were younger.

What are you waiting for?   Grab an Elvis Presley chess set today!

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