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As I have told my husband in the past - jewelry is portable!   This is why it's always a great gift idea in my opinion and there are just so many pieces of jewelry available.

I've compiled a great selection of jewelry inspired gift ideas for you right here, starting with some silver pendants.   I do love silver jewelry although I've found it hard to find much in my local brick and mortar jewelry stores which are full of gold and platinum jewelry.   Luckily there's a great selection available online including cool couples pendants as you can see here.

I have written a few pages about more specific silver jewelry which you might find interesting, here are the links -

Silver Amethyst Butterfly Pendants
Silver Amethyst Heart Pendants
Silver Celtic Jewelry
Silver Diamond Heart Pendants
Silver Dragonfly Pendants
Unique Silver Necklaces

Of course some people prefer gold and there's a lot of cool gold jewelry available as well from rose gold through to white gold so let's look at a selection of gold pendants you might enjoy -

I hope you enjoy this small selection of jewelry and that it helps you make some gift decisions, if you still haven't seen anything that really stands out to you then feel free to check out my other jewelry pages -

More Jewelry

Emerald Jewelry
Pewter Gothic Vampire Pendants
Amethyst Jewelry
Aquamarine Jewelry
Aquamarine Heart Shaped Pendants
Diamond Jewelry
Garnet Jewelry
Pearl Jewelry
Unique Gothic Necklaces
Unique Silver Vampire Necklaces
Lightning Bolt Pendants
Green Amethyst Pendants
Pearl Heart Pendants

Birthstone Jewelry

I do love birthstone jewelry, here's a post featuring some birthstone jewelry for you to enjoy -

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