Lego Gifts

As a mom I think Legos are absolutely fantastic for children to not even develop motor skills with building Lego, but they are also great for encouraging imaginative play too which is really good in my opinion.

Once you've been bitten by the Lego bug it's hard to ever stop enjoying these little bricks as well and with more and more sets geared towards adults it seems like it's finally time when any of us of any age can shout from the roof tops - I Love Lego!

Here are a few different ideas for Lego gifts for you to enjoy -

There are lots of cool Lego sets to choose from and most people have a preference over their favorite theme - mine's Lego City, but other themes can include the Lego Architecture Series or Lego Creator or even the ever popular Star Wars Lego there really are endless choices.

As I write about different Lego sets or themes I'll link to them here for your easy reference.

Lego City Camper
Lego City Fire Station
Lego City Construction Site
Lego City Airport
Lego City Police Sets
Lego City Hospital
Lego Creator House Sets
Lego Statue of Liberty

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