Sunday, September 16, 2012

Football Pacifiers

If you're looking for a unique gift idea for a footy mad family who's just welcomed a new baby into the fold then look no further than a football pacifier or two.

There are lots of different team inspired gift ideas that you could go for, by a pacifier is one that will really be appreciated for it's practicality as well as the fact that it's a football one.   Let's face it the last thing you need during a crucial play of the game is for the baby to start screaming!

There are lots of different types of football pacifiers available from the more generic ones like these -

These are ideal if mum and dad both support different football teams!   You can also get ones like this which can be personalized with baby's name and they're pretty special.

Now if the whole family support a particular football team then you have the opportunity to get their baby to recognize the team colors from an early age with an NFL baby pacifier.   These pacifiers come in packs of two which any parent will tell you is a great idea.   I know I always had a back up pacifier just in case we lost one and if it's during a game you don't want to have to waste time looking for a pacifier that baby has thrown somewhere do you?!