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Cool and Unique Baby Pacifiers

Look! Baby Pacifiers CAN Be Cool!

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Looking for some cool and unique baby pacifiers? Well I've found a great selection for you right here. These custom pacifiers by BooginHead® are a perfect gift idea for a new parent or parent to be.

Pacifiers can be an absolute godsend by themselves and the fun ones we have here will also cause more than a smile or two from the people around the baby.

These custom pacifiers are all made with a silicone orthodontic nipple (very important) and are 100% BPA, PVC and Phtalate free so you can rest assured that this pacifier will only calm the baby and not harm it.

These pacifiers also look pretty good while they're working, if you don't believe me then take a look at the cool baby pacifiers I've found for you below.

Mustache Pacifiers

Funny & Unique Pacifiers

There's just something fun about the Mustache trend that refuses to go away so why not follow that through with a cool mustache inspired baby pacifier?

Check out these ones and see what you think -
Mustache Pacifier Cute Pink Mustache Smiley Pacifier Mustache Pacifiers
Mustache Baby Pacifiers Mustache Baby Pacifier Mustache Pacifiers
There are so many more mustache pacifiers to choose from that you can check the whole selection out at -

Cute Kawaii Baby Pacifiers

Cool Baby Pacifiers

Kawaii actually means lovable, cute or adorable and any of these adjectives could also be describing a baby! There's just something special about the Kawaii images that have become so popular in recent times though and these words don't quite seem to interpret it enough. Having said that you can't get much cuter than kawaii designs on these baby pacifiers -
Cute Hugs and Kisses Cake Baby Pacifier Cute Mushroom with Bubble Pipe Baby Pacifier cute kawaii smiley face baby pacifier
Cute Toast Baby Pacifier Cute Mustache Unicorn Pacifiers Cute Fairy Cake Baby Pacifier
Kawaii Funny Shy Face Baby Pacifier Cute Snow Cloud Pacifiers cute kawaii baby monster smiley face pacifiers
The selection of cute kawaii pacifiers is growing every day so if you feel like none of these are quite right for you be sure to check out the rest at -

Animal Pacifiers

Cute & Unique Pacifiers for Babies

What is it about animals that we all fall in love with? One things for sure babies love animals as much as we do so why not add a cute animal image on their pacifier?

We can choose cats and dogs especially if the baby belongs to a pet owning family or we can use jungle or farm animals instead.
baby kitten cute colorful pop cats pattern baby pacifiers Cute Little Kitty Cat Baby Pacifier
AZ- Cute Yellow Labrador Baby Pacifier AZ- Cute Dogs on a Train Baby Pacifier BY- Puppy Boxer and Bee Baby Pacifier
From pigs to bees and sheep to giraffes there are some really cute looking baby pacifiers available and they also come in different colors. The 'button center' as I think of it has the individual designs on it, but the 'back' of the pacifier is available in three different colors - white, pink or blue.
Cute Bee Design Pacifiers CB- Dancing Ladybugs Baby Pacifier cute baby honeybee cartoon character pacifiers
Owl Pacifiers BW- Dancing Duck Baby pacifier Penguin on Pink
cute silly froggy frog face cartoon character baby pacifiers Funny Sheep Binky Baby Pacifier Panda Bear Eating Bamboo Pacifier
Choosing an animal pacifier for your baby doesn't mean that you have to go with one of these cute designs, you could simply go to the Zazzle website and upload a photo of the family pet (whatever it may be) to put on the dummy. I absolutely love this idea and I really wish that Zazzle had been making these when my daughter was younger!

Did You Know?
Some scientists say that babies who suck on a pacifier at night are at a lower risk of SIDS than babies who don't use a pacifier.

Funny Baby Pacifiers

Baby Pacifiers to Make You Smile

There are some really funny baby pacifiers available that it's hard to limit it to just a few to show you which is why I have a link for more of them below -
funny cartoon smile pacifier funny cool cartoon eyes baby pacifiers Happy Face Smiley Funny Pacifier
I like my binky pacifier Diaper Loading Please Wait Baby Pacifiers Funny mustache

Sport Inspired Baby Pacifiers

Go Baby Go!

If you're a family who loves sports then it stands to reason you'd want to select a pacifier with a sporty flavor for the baby which is what I've tried to do here for you.
Vintage baseball ball pacifiers Basketball Paci Baby Pacifier Soccer Pacifier
If you're more into football then you'll love this selecion of sporty baby pacifiers -

Monogrammed Baby Pacifiers

Customized Pacifiers for Your Baby

Monograms are a great way to personalize a baby pacifier. Let's face it we don't always get spellings of names correct so if you want to get a personalized baby pacifier as a gift then getting a monogram is a much safer bet!
Monogram Chevron Pacifier FLORAL MONOGRAM B Pacifier FRAZZLE MONOGRAM C Pacifier
Black and White Stripes with Monogram Leopard Print & Pink Monogram Pacifier Monogram Green Camo | Pacifier
All of these monogrammed pacifiers can be changed to reflect whatever letter you need for the baby you're buying for.

More Customized Baby Pacifiers

Of course you don't just have to personalize a baby pacifier with the baby's initials you can also add their name to their very own pacifier. Check out some of the cool personalized baby pacifiers that I've compiled on this page -

Giving a parent to be or new parent a customized pacifier for their baby is a cool gift idea. As a parent it's also a pretty neat idea to get your baby a pac...

Which is Your Favorite Pacifier?

It's so hard to pick just one pacifier, but I must admit I've always been a sucker for koalas so I'll have to pick that one!

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