Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unique iPhone Cases

Iphone cases are great for protecting your iphone, but they have become even more than that, they are now a vital part of your outfit. Many people will buy several iphone covers so that they can co-ordinate them in the way that the Queen would co-ordinate her hat and gloves!

There are lots of different unique iphone cases on the market to choose from which means that there is no need to be stuck with a basic black one! The ability for POD site Zazzle to produce high quality Speck iphone cases opens up the designs even more.

Even I've decided to design a few iphone cases like the one above (getting a little retro in my old age!). There are so many designs available to you that you can find an iphone cover for just about anyone. The other great thing is that you can join Zazzle yourself, upload one of your personal photos and have your very own extremely personal iphone case.

There are lots of options for iphone cases, but if you want brand names such as Gucci and Chanel or your English soccer club or luxury cars like Ferrari then you'll want to click on the banner below for a great selection of this type of designed iphone cases.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Cool Guitar Pick Necklace for Musician

Now I know what you're thinking guitar pick necklaces have been around for a while yet so where's the unique factor? Well let's have a look -

As you can see this guitar pick necklace also has a musical note on it which is just awesome for a musician, especially a guitarist. I was thinking about purchasing it for my daughter, but she snuck up on me and spotted it. She thinks it's funky - what do you think?........I guess I could still get it for her, but I like to give her a surprise - decisions, decisions.

In my opinion you can't go past this necklace for any musician you may know - budding or otherwise.