Friday, August 8, 2014

Lego City Camper

The Lego City Camper is one of the Lego City sets and is a great Lego vehicle set to buy as not only is it fun to build it also offers a lot of playability after it's fully assembled.

One of the great things about the Lego City sets of Lego is that they are things that your child can recognize and relate to.

My daughter went in a camper van with her grandparents for a week a few years ago and had a great time. With the Lego City Camper she's able to recreate different scenarios and thinks it is absolutely awesome!

Lego City Camper #7639 Product Details

This Lego City Camper Lego set has the following features -
  • 165 pieces
  • Camper measures 5½ inches (14cm) long by 3 inches (7.6cm) tall
  • Includes 2 mini figures (one male and one female)
  • Accessories also include a bicycle, surfboard and grill - just what you need for a great camping holiday
  • Roof can be removed to allow your child to play inside
  • Features a kitchen and sleeping area (there's even a tv!), just like a real camper

In the picture you can see the grill to one side and the couple are sat down at the table having a meal. The fact that all of the things you'd expect from a camper are in this set means that imaginary play is really easy for your child with this set..........the only 'problem' is they may want the whole family to go away in a camper van for a holiday!

Having Fun With The Lego City Camper

A Lego City Vehicle That's Great for Holidaying In!

The Lego City Camper is fun to build, although it is quite a complicated build so not something to use for a first set, but it can be very satisfying.   Anyway I always think if they're a little complicated it means that parents can help and it becomes quality family time as well.

The biggest reason I like this set is after it's built - the amount of different play scenarios that the Lego City Camper set offers is fantastic.   Our Lego City Camper's minifigs are called Nanny & Pappy because my dd's grandparents took her away in a camper van themselves.   Every morning the table and chairs have to come outside so that Nanny & Pappy can have their coffee whilst they talk about what they're going to do that day!

The fish looks cool and 'apparently' it was caught when it decided to jump onto the surfboard!   Also (as a side note) I have it on good authority that the surfboard can be turned into a windsurfer if you have one of the older windsurfer sets.

The seats can be taken down to the beach where one of the minifigures can sit and watch the other surf or they can both enjoy a drink together.   The grill also gets moved around so that they can have a barbeque anywhere!

As with all of the Lego sets the possibilities are only limited by your child's imagination.   I think all of the Lego City sets are great for how much they get played with after the building is finished and that's because children can relate to the world around them and use these sets in role playing.   The Lego City Camper is yet another great Lego City set.

Prefer a Caravan?

Lego City Car & Caravan

Maybe you'd prefer to do your 'camping' in a caravan instead of a camper van in which case you'll love this next Lego set -

Would You Like The Lego City Camper?

I think this set is awesome, but I'd love to hear what you think about it...

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