Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Perfect Gift for the Shopaholic in Your Life

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone and even more so when that someone is a shopaholic! Think about what they enjoy doing for a moment................after a day of shopping what could be better than coming home and resting your tired feet, while sipping on something delicious!

Shopaholic MugCheck Price
Of course you could get her something to help her with her shopping, but that might not go down as well. Imagine someone who loves shopping recieving a handbag or purse (with all good intentions from the giver) - that they haven't shopped for!!
Look no further than this page, we have got some great gifts for The Shopaholic in Your Life.

Shopaholic Cocktail Glass

Now once she's finished her shopping she'd love a delicious cocktail to sip on so why not buy her her very own cocktail glass?

Lolita Love My Martini Glass, Shopaholic TooCheck Price
We're not talking about any old cocktail glass though, this one has been especially designed with her in mind.

The Shopaholic Martini glass is not only adorned with bags and shoes but it also has a registered recipe on the base. The recipe is for the Shopaholic Cocktail. This cocktail has a refreshing citrus flavour which is just perfect for relaxing after a hard day of shopping!

If she's more of a wine drinker then we have that covered as well. This is one way that you can buy her a bag without her getting upset!!!

Lolita Love My Wine Glass, Shopaholic TooCheck Price

Coffee?   Every Shopaholic Needs a Coffee Break 

If your Shopaholic doesn't like to drink then Lolita also has this delightful coffee mug. It's not just any old coffee mug, made from glass and hand painted it even comes in it's very own gift box

Lolita Glass Mug Shopaholic TooCheck Price
Hand painted with shoes, bags and scarfs it would make a lovely present for anyone. Include some gormet coffee or some speciality biscuits and the shopaholic in your life will love you for it.

The zebra print aspect of the design is shown off really well in the coffee cup (you don't really notice it on the cocktail glass or wine glass) which I think is a lovely touch.

More Shopaholic Mugs

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Shopping on the Run?

A Gift for the Busy Shopaholic

Now in this day and age most of us have to juggle work and family commitments with our shopping habits.   If the shopaholic in your life has to shop on the run then she may appreciate a travel mug.

Spoontiques It's Not Shopping Travel Mug, Multi ColoredCheck Price

Leave the coffee drinking for the journey to and from the shops! Shopping time is valuable for the busy shopaholic that has other things to do as well. This travel mug makes a fun present that will get a great deal of use and is even dishwasher friendly!

A Shopaholic T-Shirt?

Of course if you think they'll like a t-shirt there are some cool ones around that they may like.   Depending on what kind of shopper she is jeans and a comfy t-shirt may be her 'uniform' of choice, I know when I'm shopping for homewares it's what I like to wear, but not when I'm clothes shopping!

I've featured some of the best Shopaholic T-Shirts on this post - Shopaholic T-Shirts.

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