Saturday, August 16, 2014

Amethyst Jewelry

I love the purple hue of amethyst, but when I discovered that it also came in green I was mesmorized by that shade as well!! I actually do not own any amethyst jewelry.......yet, despite having hinted for the last two years, but maybe for Christmas????

As well as coming in beautiful hues of purple or green Amethyst is also the birthstone for February and is said to come from the Ancient Greek words for not intoxicated - this is to do with the belief that Amethyst could stop the wearer of it from becoming drunk, but I wonder if the translation got skewed over time and it actually means an intoxicating gem, because let's face it Amethyst is pretty special!

Silver Amethyst Heart Pendants
The lovely purple hue of amethyst lends itself really well to silver, the combination results in some truly beautiful jewelry.

Green Amethyst Pendants
Usually associated with a beautiful purple color Amethyst also comes in other hues including gorgeous green.

Silver Amethyst Butterfly Pendants
Amethyst and butterflies seem to work really well together on jewelry, probably because they are both beauties from nature.

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