Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top 5 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Well Valentine's Day is just around the corner once again and the pressure is on to find a perfect gift - but what? Of course you could go for the usual chocolates, roses, jewelry, but they are so last decade! There are ways around this though and one of those ways is by adding chocolates or roses or hearts with an iphone - sound's interesting? Well let me introduce you to Romantic iPhone Cases - you can get iphone cases that are a perfect gift idea, you can personlize them as well which is even better.

Of course you can find even more unique Valentine's Day gifts by thinking outside of the traditional gift ideas all together. A fun gift idea that I like is based on the 80s phenomenum - the rubiks cube!

This is a really unique gift idea and yet it makes your point. Guaranteed to impress a fun loving person, or someone who just loves the rubiks cube! Personally (although I admit I love funny, unique gifts AND I'm stuck in the 80s) I don't think you can go past this for a cute gift!

Now I grew up in the UK and they have this chocolate candy called Rolos, which are basically caramel coated chocolates that come in a roll. They are really moorish and when you open a packet it's hard to stop until you've finished! One of the marketing campaigns revolved around the question - do you love anyone enough to give them your last rolo? Luckily for me my hubby is very strange in that he doesn't like rolos so I don't have to be tested on this one!!!!

If your partner grew up in the UK and enjoyed their rolos then there is now a new gift idea on the market - a gold rolo! It comes in it's own box which has the words my last rolo on it. Sickly sweet, but it will be a hit as a Valentine's Day gift idea.

If your partner loves Lego then there are a number of different fun Lego gifts that add a unique twist to the usual Valentine's Day gift ideas. There are Lego Hearts which you can purchase in set form or click on this Lego Hearts link to get instructions on building your own.

There are also sets that help you spell out I love you in Lego and as you can see by the picture a Single Lego Red Rose which I think is awesome!

The most popular Valentine gift idea that was sold on my Gifts That Say I Love You site last year was the book pictured. The book by Kate and David Marshall is a fill out the blank type of book which I think is the secret to the success. This is an incredibly personal gift which makes it the perfect Valentine Day gift idea.

Giving a book is definately a novel idea for Valentine's Day, but this 'book' is so much more because by filling it out you really are giving your heart to someone and exposing your feelings - isn't that what love, romance and Valentine's Day is all about?

So there you have it five of the best unique Valentine's Day gift ideas which will also double as 'just because I love you' gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts and birthday gifts - enjoy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tea For One | Great Gift Idea For A Tea Drinker

I absolutely love tea, I usually use a teabag on a string and make it in the mug, but I do so miss brewing it in a teapot - it really did make a much nicer cup of tea that way. I loved these products below when I first came across them as they offer an alternative for someone who is only making tea for one, but would love a pot - a teapot and tea cup in one -

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? I can't decide which one I prefer, there are lots more to choose from on Amazon as well and you can click on the links above to look at a wider selection.

I have always enjoyed my tea, my parents used to call me their teabag as they always drank coffee. At certain times when I can't think what to write or I'm worried about something I will find myself constantly making and drinking cups of tea. I was brought up in the UK after all and one of the biggest crisis that Winston Churchill was determined to avert (and did) was the prospect of Britain running out of tea during WWII - this is a true story. The cabinet papers were released a few years ago about the prospective tea crisis!

Today especially I am drinking lots of cups of tea as the weather storms around me and my entire state seems to be on flood alert. My own suburb isn't supposed to be in danger unlike more highly populated suburbs only 20 minutes away, but with the flash flooding hitting anywhere you don't know what's going to happen.

Two days ago we were having a Sunday drive down to the point and half the road had subsided, this morning the next suburb over from us had a high section just slip down the hill taking all of the retaining work with it - thank goodness they hadn't built the house yet and also thank goodness for the bad weather as beneath that section is a children's play area that is normally packed during the school holidays.

Tea is definately in order in our household! If you know someone who always enjoys their cup of tea then these gorgeous tea cup and pot combined are a fantastic gift idea.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unique & Funky iPad Cases

Thanks to the teaming up of Zazzle and Speck you can now find some really unique and funky ipad cases online.   Zazzle is a print on demand company that offers designs from millions of artists around the world while Speck are a company known to provide quality ipod and ipad cases, both of which are available through Zazzle.

I have found some fantastic unique and funky ipad cases available from floral designs to gothic designs and even superheroes!

Superman Classic Logo speckcase

 Wonder Woman Lasso over Head speckcase

I particularly like the dog ipad cases, but that's probably because I'm a dog lover!

One of the great things about these ipad cases is that they are able to be personalized which is awesome! Another thing is that you can upload your own personal photos or artwork to create a truly unique to you ipad case.

Add Your Own Photo speckcase

Imagine presenting someone with an extra special Valentine's Day gift of an ipad case with a photo of the two of you or a photo of the place where you met.

A 40th birthday gift with a photo of the birthday person taken in the 80s - hilarious! The possibilities are endless and are limited only by your imagination.

I'm actually waiting for my dad to get an ipad so that I can put a photo of all of his grandchildren on one for him - he'll love it!