Saturday, August 16, 2014

Unique Gothic Necklaces

Silver Gothic Pendants

The gothic necklaces on this page are all very unique thanks to the amazing designers at Zazzle. There are some fantasic artworks (there's no other word for it) that have been transformed into unique gothic pendants ready for you to buy.

There are a number of different types of gothic necklaces for you from crows to gothic fairies, cemetaries to monograms. You are bound to find that 'perfect' piece of jewelry right here and you can buy without venturing outside, just a simple click and it can be all yours!

Gothic Necklaces by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Unique Silver Gothic Pendants

Jasmine Becket-Griffith is one of many of the talented artists that can be found on Zazzle. Her Zazzle store is called Strangeling and I am a fan, especially of her gothic fairies. These necklaces are based on art work that Jasmine has handpainted in acrylics. Jasmine's necklaces are some of my favorite gothic necklaces found on Zazzle, so let's have a look at some of them -

Faces of Faery 103 NECKLACE skull vampire fairy necklaceButterflies in Gloom NECKLACE rococo gothic fairy necklaceThe Three Fates NECKLACE gothic fairy goddess necklace
Autumn is My Last Chance NECKLACE gothic fairy necklaceAngel with a Psaltery NECKLACE gothic music fairy necklaceA Walk Through the Cemetery NECKLACE fairy skull necklace

Silver Monogram Necklaces

Unique Gothic Style Pendants

Personalize a gothic style necklace for someone with these monogram necklaces. You can change the letter to your own initial or someone elses if it's for a gift.

These monogramed pendants have a really gothic feel to them which are bound to impress anyone who likes 'the dark side.'

Gothic Rose Monogram Necklace necklaceSplattered Heart Punk Monogram Goth Necklace necklace

Black & White Gothic Design Necklaces

Unique Gothic Pendants

Gothic flower black and gray necklaceGothic Chandelier Sterling Silver Necklace necklaceBeautiful Gothic flower black on gray necklace

Silver & Purple Gothic Inspired Necklaces

Unique Purple Gothic Pendants

Purple is one of the classic goth colors and was used a lot in the Victorian inspired vintage goth fashion. These gothic art pieces embrace purple and are really like wearing a piece of art around your neck - very unique.

Goth Fleur de lis - twilight violet necklacePurple Moon Fairy necklace Meredith Dillman necklace

Cybergoth | Steampunk Gothic Necklaces

Silver Skull Punk Gothic Necklace necklace

Crows & Ravens Gothic Necklaces

Crows and Ravens both feature heavily in goth designs. The difference between these two birds is their size (the raven being the larger of the two) and their symbolism in relation to the gothic scene is that they offer protection. Some associate crows and ravens with death, but as far as goths are concerned they are about rebirth, healing and (above all) protection.

If you wear one of these necklaces then you're basically protected - it's interesting to note that goths are not alone in this belief. There are ravens in the Tower of London and it is said that disaster will befall England if they ever leave - this myth/belief was further perpetuated when the ravens left the Tower of London just before the bombing campaigns of the second World War began. The ravens who live their now have their own Ravenmaster to care for them and also have their wings clipped (taking no chances!)

'The Raven' Gothic Necklace necklace Black Crow Black Crow necklace necklace

More Gothic Necklaces

Unique Gothic Pendants

Gothic Lament Necklace necklaceGothic Vision Necklace necklaceSilent Night Necklace necklace
Gothic winged heart necklaceFallen Angel Sterling Silver Necklace necklaceCemetery Gothic Vampire Fantasy Necklace necklace

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