Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheap Gifts for Young Children - Boys and Girls

Kids all seem to be united in loving coloring in, I have yet to meet a child who hasn't enjoyed coloring at some stage which makes a coloring book a great gift idea that can often be inexpensive.

Another variation of this idea is to choose their favorite characters and look for some free printable coloring pages such as the Disney Princesses or the Backyardigans, print off two of each page and pop them into a presentation book/display folder depending on your terminology, add a packet of crayons or colored pencils and  whatever child gets this gift will think you are wonderful!

Giving them two of each coloring page means that if they make a mistake they can try again, or if they can't decide on what color they want to color in something - they can try two different scenarios!   Having a presentation book also means that they can show off their completed art in the same way that Grandma shows off the family photo album!

There you have it a very inexpensive gift idea that's sure to be a hit!

Don't forget something to do the coloring in with!   Of course if you don't want to look for the free printable color pages and put a gift together you can always just buy some coloring books which will also be a hit, but there's just something special about letting them show off their completed work in style that they absolutely love :)

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Cheap Gift Ideas For

Now more than ever it seems people are looking for inexpensive gift ideas that will be really appreciated and there are actually lots of different ones around.

I will be doing a series of posts on cheap gift ideas for in the coming months and will use this page as an index page to the different posts which will focus on themes such as cheap gifts for teachers, cheap gifts for toddlers etc.

Just because something was inexpensive to buy or was homemade doesn't meant that it won't be appreciated and these gifts are all ideas which will please the recipient a lot without breaking your budget so stay tuned!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Twilight Zone Gift Ideas

Do you remember the The Twilight Zone? I must admit the part I remember is the music, but other people I know remember the series really well. One person who used to love watching The Twilight Zone was my hubby so you can imagine how happy I was to discover a few different Twilight Zone gift ideas for him.

I couldn't believe it when I found that you could get Twilight Zone cuff links they are just too cool!

Now my hubby doesn't wear cuff links, but if you know a Twilight Zone fan that does then this would be a great gift idea.   Moving on to something that would suit my hubby and many other people I know much better it's a Twilight Zone shirt like this one -

Twilight Zone - Monologue

Of course the best Twilight Zone would have to be the definitive collection that contains all 156 (I didn't realize that there had been that many!) episodes along with extras such as interviews with the shows writers.

This definitive Twilight Zone DVD collection gets stellar reviews from hundreds of Amazon reviewers - click on it and read what they have to say!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lego Space Sets - The Alien Conquest Range!

If you like Lego then I'm sure you've heard of the Lego Alien Conquest sets. If the local toy stores and department stores are any indication this range of Lego is going to be the hottest selling Lego gift for Christmas 2011.

This image is of one of the Lego space sets and is called the - LEGO Space Tripod Invader 7051.

I think it looks rather awesome myself and I already know one little boy who can't wait to get hold of one.

A space ship on legs that you build for yourself - does it get any better??!!

I recently read an article that I linked to above and it says that there are 7 different sets available in this range, but to be honest I think they'll definitely be more released.

I've seen children's faces light up so much when they spot the sets (the colors really make it appealing), especially so when they see the set below -

I don't know why, but my small selection of children testers seem to indicate that the flying saucer set above looks better than the tripod set I like which is the first one pictured!

I'll let you decide what you think is best, but if you're buying for a child and you don't know what to get them then this is a pretty safe idea. Read more at The Lego Alien Conquest Range.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Twilight Watches - A Great Gift Idea for a Twihard

If you know someone who's a fan of the Twilight Saga movies then getting them a Twilight inspired watch is a great idea. If you check out the website Twilight Watches you'll see an ever changing range of watches containing images of the stars of the movie franchise.

Getting a Twilight watch is another way to show your allegiance - are you a vampire lover or a wolf girl? There are Edward Cullen watches and Jacob Black watches along with Bella Swan watches, in fact it can be hard to choose a favorite!

There are even new Breaking Dawn watches available as well which are pretty cool so pop on by and do some gift shopping for the Twihard in your life.