Saturday, August 16, 2014

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are a girls best friend sang Marilyn Monroe as jewelers everywhere rubbed their hands in glee!!!!

Diamonds are a great choice for jewelry as they 'match' any wardrobe and are complimentary to every skin tone and look good for any age - what more could you want?

Diamonds are also the birthstone for April and come in an array of different colors from the more traditional 'clear' diamonds to the delicious chocolate diamonds and many colors in between.

Silver Diamond Heart Pendants
Marilyn Monroe first enthused that "diamonds are a girls best friend" but many women have agreed with her ever since.

Chocolate Diamond Heart Jewelry
Who doesn't love chocolate? Combining chocolate and diamonds equals a gift that any woman would love and any man should seriously think about buying!

Diamond Initial Pendants
Initial pendants have long been a popular piece of jewelry, from Victorian lockets with initials engraved into them to the rock star style of 'in your face' initial bling that is often seen in this millennium.

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