Sunday, March 4, 2012

Animal Print Messenger Bags

Who doesn't need a messenger bag? These bags are so handy that everyone can use them whether they're making a fashion statement or using them as a laptop bag, courier satchel or even a diaper bag. It's because messenger bags are so versatile that they are a perfect gift idea and these animal print messenger bags are particularly cool.

There are lots of different types of animal print messenger bags available from cowhide to zebra print and they are all pretty hot in the fashion stakes at the moment so let's have a look at some right now -

Purple Cowhide Look rickshawmessengerbag
Purple Cowhide Look by lou165
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This first animal print bag is actually of a cow print.   The gorgeous black and white cow-print design is on the front flap and the back of the bag.   It's nicely offset with purple showing on the bottom of the bag, this is carried on through purple piping along the flap of the messenger bag.   In a word this is gorgeous!

Now we're moving on to a wild animal - the cheetah!

This cheetah print messenger bag is not only in the gorgeous cheetah print that never seems to go out of fashion for long it also embraces a butterfly in it's design which lets it stand apart from some of the other cheetah print bags on the market.

We're still walking on the wild side with out next animal print bag, this time it's tallest safari animal that I can think of - the giraffe!

PixDezines giraffe/DIY background rickshawmessengerbag
PixDezines giraffe/DIY background by custom_rickshaw
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This is a gorgeous giraffe print bag in a fashionable brown that is great for every day use.

Now let's go back to the big cats and this time I'm looking at the tiger with a gorgeous tiger print bag.

There are so many tiger print messenger bags to choose from that it was hard to narrow it down to just one, but I liked the fact that you could personalize this animal print bag.   There's just something about adding a person's name to a gift that seems to make it mean more.

Staying with the big cats we're now going to look at a leopard print messenger bag -

This is a very trendy looking animal print bag and whoever said you can't combine black and brown obviously haven't seen this bag!   I think it's gorgeous because of it's versality - you can use this bag whether you're wearing black shoes or brown shoes - and there's not many bags like that!   You can actually get leopard print in a number of different colors, but this one really captures the wild look and I think it's a must have messenger bag.

Next we're going to look at a very popular animal print - zebra print.   I absolutely love zebra print and especially the different colored zebra print products that are available at the moment.

I've decided to show you the traditional black and white zebra pattern and this particular bag can also be customized with a monogram which is pretty cool, especially for a gift idea.   The purple trim with the black and white zebra stripe is a great look and I think this animal print messenger bag would be appreciated by just about anyone!

I couldn't leave this selection of animal print bags at just that however as I've fallen in love with a hot pink and black zebra print bag -

Do you see what I mean? It is gorgeous (I'm a sucker for hot pink on my fashion accessories and in this case it really, really works!)

Which type of animal print do you prefer on a bag?   I'd love to hear your thoughts below, meanwhile I have to forward this post to a few people to see if I end up with a black and pink zebra print bag for my birthday!!!!

Now if these animal print bags have wet your appetite, but they're not quite the bag you want you may be interested in visiting Animal Print Bags which has a much wider selection and also a range of different types of bags, not just messenger bags.