Thursday, April 18, 2013

Disney Cars 2 Lego Sets

If you're after a great gift idea for a young boy then look no further than the Disney Pixar Cars 2 Lego sets.   If you combine all the fun of the hit movie Cars 2 with the fun and excitement of Lego then you're left with a great gift idea and I have the whole range listed on my website which is surprisingly titled - Disney Pixar Cars 2 Lego Sets - just in case you didn't realize what it was about!

There are some great Lego sets that have been released this year to tie in with the release of the sequel to Disney Pixar Cars, I believe that Cars 2 will be just as popular with the young audience if not more so which will lead to a long list of gift requests including some of these great Lego sets.

Whereas a Lightning McQueen Lego set is bound to be on the top of everyone's list I personally think that the classic Mater is a pretty cool set, but then I do have a soft spot for the old guy!

There are 14 sets that I'm aware of and I'm pretty confident that any one of them would make a Cars fan happy.   One of the great things about this set is that you take time to build the models, which can be done with them to create quality bonding time, and then you still have hours of fun in playing with the completed models - what other gift offers you two types of play in one?

Here's one of the sets that includes Agent Mater to the rescue - a very cool set indeed!