Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beer Lovers Gift Ideas

Gifts for Beer Lovers

Gifts for Beer Lovers
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Who doesn't know someone who's fond of a drop of the old amber nectar? That means that for birthday and Christmas you'll be looking for some cool beer lover gift ideas for them.

It's hard to know what else a beer lover would like, but hopefully this post will give you a few more ideas....you can't keep giving them their usual beer, or can you? The real answer is probably of course you can, but I'm sure they'll love some of these ideas.

Knowing quite a few beer drinkers I'm confident that you will be able to find something here that will make the beer drinker in your life very happy. Whether it's the popular beer pouch sweatshirt or the beer briefcase opposite or something completely different

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Benjamin Franklin

Great Beer Lover Gift Ideas to Choose From

In a Hurry?

 See a selection of the best beer lovers gifts here 

When I first came across the Beer Briefcase on ThinkGeek a few years ago I absolutely loved.   Let's face it there's something 'secret agentish' about hiding things in a briefcase and if you love beer then ... When I couldn't find them on that site anymore I had a minor panic attack until Amazon came to the rescue!

 The Beer Briefcase


Beer Pouch Sweatshirts - Comfy Clothes Made for Beer Drinkers

Practical Beerware Get's Even Better!

By far the most popular item of 'beer clothing' that has sold over the past couple of years has to be the beer pouch sweatshirt, it really is ideal and the type of gift you could see being used.

The grey color is also one that will suit everyone, what more can I say? It comes in four sizes and I have to say that it can be worn by either sex!

Here's what they say about the Beer Pouch Sweatshirt -

"Finally! You can carry around a beer while leaving your hands free to high five a complete stranger in the stands, carry more beer, or operate your hands-free cellphone. The Beer Pouch Sweatshirt is perfect for sporting events, picnics, and really boring offices.Features a 30 square inch pouch with elastic band and an insulating liner to keep your beer ice cold. The pouch can stretch to accommodate soda cans, bottled water, and even cans of soup and bottles of whipped cream. "

It really is a great idea and I love that it also has pockets for your hands as well as a pouch for your beer.

Funny T-Shirts are Always a Hit with Beer Lovers

 In Dog Beers I've Had Only One Funny Beer Lover T- T-Shirt Funny T-Shirt: I Drink Beer Periodically T-Shirt This Is Not A Beer Gut Funny Alcoholic T-Shirts


More Cool Beer Inspired Gift Ideas

There are just so many different gift ideas for beer lovers that I could go on and on!

You can get some great beer coasters from licensed to funny and more, check some of them out at Beer Coasters.

You can also get some fun beer themed throw pillows or can cozies as well as a number of different types of beer openers.

Here's a few more fun beer inspired gift ideas for you to enjoy -