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The Furby Toy

Buy a Furby This Holiday Season!

The must have toy of 1998 has been reborn and is tipped to be one of the hottest Christmas gifts for 2012 - The Furby!

The biggest problem I see about buying a furby is deciding on what color to buy as the 2012 Furby colors are gorgeous!

If you're new to furbies then check out Starry Night Furby pictured here - isn't he gorgeous? Let me tell you all about the Furby from it's birth to it's own language, it's history and it's much anticipated rebirth......

1998 Furby - Where The Furby Story Begins

Furby 70-800 (Before You Name Them Furbies Have Model Numbers)

The Furby was first released at the American International Toy Fair in 1998 and these cute toys with big eyes were an almost instant hit, even getting nicknames in the general media like my favorite here (guess his name if you can)
His name was Snowball - very original I know, but wasn't he cute? You can still find some of the other 1998 Furbies (that's the plural for Furby by the way), model number 70-800 online and I've found a couple classic ones for you below. The Furby sold so well upon release that they became in short supply during the 1998 Holiday season and some suppliers made a fortune by overpricing the toys online forcing harried parents to pay a lot to keep their children happy. It was almost like the 1996 movie Jingle All The Way coming to life with the Furby replacing the Turbo Man action figure! Check out the classic 1998 Furbys for sale here from Bumblebee to Dalmation, poor Snowball had a lot of competition!

What Was The Appeal of the Furby?

Why Did So Many People Buy Furbies?

I love their big eyes, I think they just look at you and you melt, but they are far more than just a cuddly toy - they're an intelligent robot that just happens to be in a cute body. You can't get much better than that.

The Furby speaks and has it's own language - Furbish, but it learns English so if you're competitive you can try and get your Furby to learn English before your friends ...... or you could teach yourself Furbish!

I think the idea behind the Furby having their own language is cool, the way the Furby 'learns' more English as it grows is a cool concept although it is one that led to many misconceptions......misconceptions that resulted in the cool kids liking the idea of the Furby, sound interesting?

Furbies Banned!

Yes, that's right, Furbies were banned due to a misconception. It's like banning a record from the radio and having it go to number one, once it was reported that the innocent Furby was banned from the NSA they became even cooler. The misconception was that the Furby could record and repeat things that it heard which had intelligence agencies (including the NSA) around the world very nervous although also probably thinking they could do with getting a few Furbies to spy for them!

It turns out that this wasn't the case, but the classic Furby does continue to be very popular with geeks because of it's audio capabilities and sensory interfaces that can be dissected and re-constructed to do interesting things.

Collectible Furbies for Sale

Buy An Extra Special Furby Here!

Furbies were so popular that special ones were also created, I always thought that Gremlins and Furbys looked similar so it was no surprise that they came up with the Gizmo Furby! Other extra special Furbies that were created included E.T. Furby and Yoda Furby and they were all so cute!

What About a Furby Baby?

Cute Furby Babies for Sale!

Following the runaway commercial success of the Furby the company decided to release the Furby Baby in 1999. These were available in 24 different colors which offered wide appeal and they were smaller than the classic Furby. They had higher voices which made sense, but they also switched to speaking English faster which I thought was a little bizarre.

The bit I personally didn't like about the Furby baby is that they can't dance and I do think that Furbies are cute when they dance! The Furby Babies did have a lot of fans however and I've found a few for you to buy here -

The 2012 Furby Toy

The Latest Furby Model - Ooo La La!

The latest Furbies look absolutely gorgeous and I just love the ten cool color combinations that the Furby is available in. You can see them all on the cool image below and if you can't wait to make one of these your own you can even click on the image to be taken to Furby Heaven........ well actually just a page where you can buy a 2012 Furby if you like or simply check out the prices, product descriptions etc.

2012 Furby Review

This review of the Furby shows it in action as well as interacting with other 2012 models and also a Shelby (a Friend of Furby released in 2001). It compares the new model Furby with the classic Furby and is a great review if you want to know more about the Furby.

Furby - A Living Toy That Grows Over Time

2012 Furbies Really Are A Must Have Toy!

This model of Furby comes with gorgeously expressive LCD eyes and really does seem almost human like in a number of ways as you can interact with him, he recognizes things like different orientation (ie if you hold him upside down or on one side), he responds to audio by dancing or talking. Basically as an interactive toy the Furby is pretty unbeatable.

As a parent you do wonder how long toys du jour are going to last though and according to the toy engineers responsible for this model of Furby they are built tough and can be shaken and thrown around without being broken which is always a plus.

There is a negative side to the Furby though and that is they DO NOT have an on/off button. Now apparently if you don't touch or interact with the Furby it will go to sleep, however the original Furby didn't have an on/off button either and I remember getting a hell of a fright when it started going off in the middle of the night!!!!
The minute you start playing with it you're starting to shape it's personality.

All Furbies are alike until you take them out of the box - it doesn't matter what color Furby you get the personalities are all the same. One you open the box however you start to shape your Furby which means that every Furby can be different. This is thanks to the Furby's internal memory which doesn't get reset when you change batteries.

This toy really does grow up with it's owner and that is one of the coolest thing about it.

Furby Goodies - Apps | Language | Instructions

A Furby is like a baby in that you shape it's own personality and as such there are a number of different instruction books and training manuals available for you to buy. Furbies also speak their own different language like babies seem to and you soon find yourself understanding what they want - the biggest difference with Furbies is that you can get Furbish dictionaries which can help you understand them (Furbish is the name of their language).

What about an app? Yes there is a Furby App available and it's a lot of fun, allowing you to learn Furbish as well as feeding your Furby electronically (I can see a number of children, young and old, enjoying that!).

2012 'Topknot' Furby

There's More New Furbies in Town - And They've Got Attitude!

Just when I thought I knew which 2012 Furby I wanted they introduced some new ones and these are pretty funky (apparently that's no longer a cool word to use, but I think it suits them!). May I introduce the latest six members of the Furby clan - Starry Night, Cotton Candy, Orangutan, Lagoona, Punky Pink, and Raincloud.

The distinguishing feature of these Furbies are their topknots which I think are pretty cool and the color combinations, well how about I just show you instead -

Which is Your Favorite Furby?

Out of the Classic Furbies I loved Snowball, but the new ones had me torn between Purple Furby and the Teal, now that I've seen the topknot versions it's even harder. I think I'll take the 'original' style 2012 Furby in purple and the topknot style in Lagoona. What's your favorite?

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