Sunday, August 17, 2014

Customized Pacifiers

Personalized Baby Pacifiers are Cool!

Giving a parent to be or new parent a customized pacifier for their baby is a cool gift idea. As a parent it's also a pretty neat idea to get your baby a pacifier that is personalized just for them - it's not like pacifiers can be handed down after all so a custom made one sounds like a cool idea.

There are lots of ways you can add a personal touch with your baby gifts from onsies to bibs and more, but I think customized pacifiers are the way to go which is why I've found a selection for you to look at.

These pacifiers are all high quality and safe for baby to use as well as letting you add the baby's name or initial and you can buy them from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day - does it get any better than that?

 Pacifiers Featured in Introduction
Duck | Blue Shoes | It's a Girl | Penguin

All of these pacifiers are available in two sizes 0-6mths and 6+ months, it's important to choose the right age group as they have different sized orthodontic nipples on them. These pacifiers tick all of the boxes when it comes to your babies safety being 100% BPA,PVC & Phthalate free, the nipples are made from silicone which is what I used for my own baby.

Now to the designs - the printing from Zazzle's technology is really crisp and I just love the look of these dummies - I really wish I'd been able to get them when my daughter was a baby as she had to rely on pacifiers from the pharmacy which looked the same as most of her little friends at Kindy.

Customized Pacifiers for Girls

Personalized Dummies for Baby Girls - Too Cute!

Add the little baby princess' name to these pacifiers and you have the perfect little baby gift for her - she'll look stylish when she's soothing herself on her pacifier and (hopefully) is about to drop off to sleep.

Customized Baby Pacifiers for Boys

Personalized Dummies for Baby Boys - Gorgeous!

Add baby's name to one of these pacifiers and the little prince will look very dapper as he settles down for naptime - talk about cute :)

Unisex Personalized Baby Pacifiers

Customized Dummies to Make Any Baby Look Good!

These cute pacifiers with ducks, tigers, penguins and more are ideal for any baby - boy or girl. I love that you can add a baby's name to these cute dummies, in fact the only problem I have with them is choosing just one, or two.....

Design Your Own Photo Pacifiers

You Can't Get More Personalized Than Using Their Baby Photo!

If the baby has already been born and you want to make a really unique and personal pacifier then you can upload their own baby photo to the site and make a truly special pacifier like these -

If you want to make one of your very own personalized photo pacifiers then simply click on one of the pacifier pictures above and you'll be taken to a page that looks like this -

As you can see all of the steps have been labeled for you and it really is very easy, let me take you through the four steps to a gorgeous customized photo pacifier.

Step One Simply click the Customize it! button that I've circled.

Step Two Click on the Change button under the existing photo, this will cause another screen to pop up called the upload screen. You simply select the Select images to upload button, select the photo from your own computer, press okay to load and once it's loaded it will appear on the pacifier.

Step Three Select the right age for the baby so that the right size nipple is on the pacifier.

Step Four Select whether you want a white, pink or blue background color to the pacifier.

You now have a perfectly customized pacifier that is bound to become a cherished baby gift. Of course you don't have to use a baby photo to do this, some people have used photos of family pets instead, it's completely up to you.

Monogrammed Baby Pacifiers

A Stylish Dummy for Your Baby

Another option with personalizing a baby pacifier is to just use a monogram design, this is especially good if you're not totally sure of the spelling of a baby's name! I know that my sister-in-law changed the spelling of my youngest niece's name just before the christening and it took me ages to remember which spelling to use - the monogrammed pacifier would have been extremely useful!

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