Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ever After High Dolls

Ever AFter High Dolls - Royals and Rebels

The Ever After High dolls were first released in July 2013 and were based on the children of our favorite fairytale characters who are supposed to follow a pre-determined destiny, the twist is when some of them decide they don't want to follow their pre-written future and instead want to follow their own path. This is where we get two factions within the school - The Royals and The Rebels, led by Apple White (Royal) and Raven Queen (Rebel).

Let's have a look at what Ever After High characters are available as dolls.

  • Alistair Wonderland - Son of Alice from Alice in Wonderland
  • Apple White - One of the original EAH dolls and the leader of the Royals, she is the daughter of Snow White
  • Ashlynn Ella - Daughter of Cinderella
  • Blondie Locks - Daughter of Goldilocks
  • Briar Beauty - Daughter of Sleeping Beauty
  • Bunny Blanc - Daughter of the White Rabbit
  • C.A.Cupid - This doll made her debut at Monster High School before transferring to Ever After High - she's the adopted daughter of Eros
  • Cedar Wood - Daughter of Pinocchio
  • Cerise Wood - The daughter of both Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
  • Darling Charming - Son of King Charming
  • Dexter Charming - Son of King Charming
  • Duchess Swan - Daughter of Odette, the Swan Queen
  • Faybelle Thorn - Daughter of the Dark Fairy from Sleeping Beauty
  • Holly O'Hair - Daughter of Rapunzel
  • Hunter Huntsman - Son of the Huntsman from Snow White
  • Justine Dancer - Daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess from the fairytale The Twelve Dancing Princesses
  • Kitty Cheshire - Daughter of the Cheshire Cat
  • Lizzie Hearts - The Queen of Hearts daughter
  • Madeline Hatter - Daughter of the Mad Hatter
  • Poppy O'Hair - Daughter of Rapunzel
  • Raven Queen - One of the original EAH dolls and the leader of the Rebels, she is the daughter of both the Evil Queen and the good King from Snow White's story
  • Rosabella Beauty - Daughter of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast
This range of dolls have proven to be very popular and I think they'll continue to become so as they have their very own community that is growing extremely strong.

Here are a few of them to start your Ever After High collection with -