Thursday, December 11, 2014

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Clawdeen Wolf is one of the original Monster High dolls and as such has a special place in MH fan's hearts. There are lots of different Clawdeen Wolf dolls to choose from so let's check them out!

Monster High's Clawdeen Wolf Dolls

Clawdeen Wolf is one of the original Monster High dolls and is still very popular. I always think she looks really sassy and goodness knows she's full of confidence.

If you know someone who idolizes Clawdeen then you've come to the right place as I've compiled lots of different Clawdeen Wolf dolls here for you including Clawdeen in fancy dress, Clawdeen in her pjs and more. 

Let's walk along the halls of Monster High School and see how many Clawdeens we can find .....

Introducing Clawdeen Wolf - A Real Fashionista Monster High Doll

The daughter of werewolves Clawdeen Wolf is a pupil at the prestigious Monster High School - the school where all the best children of monsters attend. Clawdeen isn't alone at Monster High as she has to 'put up' with some of her siblings also attending the school which can be a real drag!

This is a classic Clawdeen Wolf doll and is the first one I generall think of getting if someone is looking for their first doll of her, but I do have a selection of other Clawdeen dolls if this one doesn't appeal.

Monster High Clawdeen Doll - Strutting Her Stuff! - A Monster High Ghouls Rule Doll

Clawdeen is really strutting her stuff here as a budding fashion icon she really stands out in a crowd, don't you think? In her own words Clawdeen says she is "a fierce fashionista with a confident no-nonsense attitude...." which I think shines through in all of the dolls on this page, but especially this one.

Part of the Ghouls Rule range of Monster High dolls this one shows Clawdeen strutting her stuff for Halloween and I must admit that I do love her with purple hair (is she trying to emulate her pet kitten Crescent's purple fur??).

Clawdeen Wolf Doll in Fancy Dress - A Scary Tales Monster High Doll

Clawdeen may have strutted her stuff and decided to reclaim Halloween with her school friends in the Ghouls Rule range of dolls, but in Scary Tales they turn their Halloween costumes to fairytales and which fairy tale does Clawdeen love - Red Riding Hood of course!
Of course Clawdeen's tale is a little different to the one you were probably brought up with and it's called Little Dead Riding Wolf, but she still gets to wear a red cape that makes her stand out (you know how she's not shy in letting people she her outfits, why should Halloween be any different!)

Clawdeen Wolf Sleepover Doll - A Monster High Dead Tired Doll

Like all school girls Clawdeen loves to go on sleepovers especially at her BFF's homes. When Clawdeen, Draculaura and Frankie Stein get together they have a great time talking late into the night and giggling about silly things that has happened at school.

This Dead Tired Clawdeen doll comes with Clawdeen dressed in her pjs and she even has an eye mask to help her sleep, because after all every wolf needs her beauty sleep, but just in case she doesn't get enough she has brought her cute paw shaped compact with her full of her make up to hide any dark shadows!

Clawdeen Wolf Doll & Bed Playset - From the Monster High Dead Tired Collection

It's time for bed in Clawdeen's house and what a cool bed Clawdeen has! The bed is purple and gold and looks like two large dog baskets set up like bunk beds, but one things for sure Clawdeen's friends love it when the sleepover is at her house. Why you ask? Well Clawdeen has her very own coffin shaped fridge in her room so they can drink all of the soft drink they want without having to leave the room!
This playset also comes with a skull pillow and animal print blankets which are awesome. It's easy to put together and is nice and sturdy so you can be sure that your child will get a lot of playtime out of this set.

Coffin Bean & Clawdeen Wolf Playset

The Coffin Bean is the in place for all of the Monster High students to meet after school. This trendy coffee shop is available in a playset with Clawdeen herself as you see here and is a great addition to any girls Monster High collection.

The coffee shop isn't the only place that Clawdeen likes to go to meet up with her school friends however as you'll soon see...

More Clawdeen Wolf Dolls - One of Monster High's Favorite Dolls

Clawdeen and her friends like to go to dances in the evening and the beach in the summer. They love to have an excuse to celebrate and have fun with each other - like at Draculaura's Sweet 1600.
When it comes to travelling further apart however, well that's when it's time for a school trip of a lifetime. Here are some cool Clawdeen Wolf dolls featuring her having lots of fun with her friends.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hannah Montana Singing Dolls

Hannah Montana Singing Dolls Make Great Gift Ideas

Hannah MontanaCheck Price
Hannah Montana dolls are a great gift idea for any Hannah fan, but the best ones have to be the singing Hannah Montana dolls, after all Hannah is known for her songs. My daughter absolutely loves all of Hannah Montana’s songs (I must admit to enjoying the Bone Dance myself!).

Hannah Montana is a huge hit with young girls the world over. In the popular television series Hannah Montana is a pop superstar with a secret.....she is really a girl from Tennessee who now lives in Malibu and goes to school like any other teenage girl.

Miley Stewart is the real name of the secret pop star and she has two best friends Lilly and Oliver......When she opens up to them about her true identity they also ‘create’ alternative characters so that they can accompany Hannah at her concerts.

Hannah Montana Doll with Music Set

This singing Hannah Montana doll comes with a complete music set which is absolutely's also on my dd's Christmas list this year. Singing her song "One in a Million" is the secret pop star herself -

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection - Best of Both Worlds

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection -Check Price
This Hannah Montana singing dolls sings the hit song Best of Both Worlds which is instantly recognizable to any Hannah fan.

The doll also comes with her own microphone, brush, a poster and a backstage pass (any fan would absolutely love a backstage pass......even if it is just pretend!)

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection - True Friend

This Hannah Montana singing doll is also from the In Concert Collection and sings True Friend which is a song that my dd absolutely loves (mind you I could say that about most of the songs!).

  Hannah MontanaCheck Price
This doll comes with a glow in the dark microphone which is pretty cool as well as a 'secret pop star' bracelet that would be a great gift just on it's own.
This Hannah Montana singing doll is sure to put you in the good books for quite a while :)

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection - Nobody's Perfect

Hannah MontanaCheck Price
Not only does this Hannah Montana doll sing, she also talks! As well as her own microphone she also comes with a bracelet for her owner, after all don't 'true friends' have matching bracelets?

Hannah Montana - In Concert Collection - The Other Side of Me

Hannah MontanaCheck Price
Another of the Hannah Montana In Concert Collection of singing dolls this one sings The Other Side of Me.

Did you know that every outfit that is worn by these licensed dolls have been seen on an episode of the Hannah Montana television show? It's true.

Hannah Montana Celebrates Christmas

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Get into the Christmas spirit with this festive Hannah Montana singing doll as she sings 'Rocking around the Christmas tree,' she even comes with her own Christmas tree ornament which you can keep as a keepsake. But wait! There's two different Hannah dolls that sign Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and I've got them both here for you to choose from. I prefer the one in the white coat myself, but my daughter likes the gold!

Hannah Montana Also Plays Guitar

Hannah w/ Light Up Guitar -Check Price
Hannah Montana can also play the guitar which may be one of the reasons my dd was so keen to have guitar lessons!

This Hannah doll sings 'I got nerve' while her stylish guitar lights up with a touch of a button.

Your little Hannah fan can orchestrate her own Hannah Montana concert in her bedroom with this sure to please gift

A Live In Concert Hannah Montana Doll

Hannah Montana Live in Concert Doll SingsCheck Price
Another Hannah Montana doll with a light up guitar. This pink light up guitar will entrance a Hannah fan and you will find yourself with a young wannabe pop star on your hands!

This Hannah Montana singing doll sings the song 'Pumping up the party.'
Unlike the other Hannah Montana dolls that I've featured this one doesn't come with a microphone, but a headset! The silver headset should be a big hit.

I hope you found the perfect gift here. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this page together and just between you and me I was bopping along to the songs in my chair (admit it you were too!).

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Did You Know Barbie Can Surf? The Scented Cali Girl Barbie

My daughter was never a fan of Barbie dolls, she was much more interested in playing with a Bob the Builder tool belt and work bench, but there was one Barbie doll which she loved and that was the Scented Cali Girl Barbie featured here.
For her sixth birthday we had quite a big party for her and one of her friend's mums brought her this Barbie doll, other people also brought her dolls - the difference with this one was it was taken out of the box! Yes, fast forward a couple of years and many of the dolls she was given were still in their boxes and not played with at all.

I asked her what she liked about this Barbie and she looked at me as though I should already know before retorting that she was a surfer of course! I think it helped that she was wearing blue which was a favorite color of hers at the time. She also told me that the reason she knew that this Barbie could actually surf was because she even smelled like a surfer! Yes this Barbie is really scented and she smells (to parents) of suntan lotion, which is what a surfer smells like!

This doll comes with suntan lotion, sunglasses and part of her outfit includes an anklet which I should warn you can cause problems - my daughter went through a stage of putting hair ties etc around her ankles as she didn't have a 'surfie' anklet so I would recommend buying your own child an anklet as well if you don't want her attempting to cut off the blood supply to her foot!

I don't remember the doll coming with suntan lotion when my daughter got hers, but it's highly possible that it got lost! Our Cali Girl Barbie did however come with a stand, although it was never used!

Although my daughter may not have been head over heels with Barbie dolls in general my grand-niece does like her dolls (although last year she was interested in Monster High and has 'discovered' Ever After High dolls this year), she also loves fashion.

She takes to long to get ready to go out and she's only 6! Everything has to match which is why I think I could get her over to team Barbie with this next range of Barbie dolls - the Barbie Fashionistas!

Barbie Fashionistas Fashion Fabulous Doll, PinkCheck Price
This is just one of the range and I know that little Miss M will love it as pink is very much her color at the moment.

I love the fact that this doll comes with mix and match outfits and I can see hours of fun being had trying on different looks.

Barbie Fashionista Ultimate ClosetCheck Price
Letting my grand-niece know that Barbie Fashionista even comes with her own closet I'm sure will win her over to team Barbie for sure!

It comes with over 20 pieces and is very portable which means that it's ideal for her to take on car trips along with a favorite Barbie doll that is. Who wouldn'd want a closet like Barbies

Despite my daughter not being overly impressed by the pop icon that is Barbie, I can't help but love her - probably because I never owned one as a child and was insanely jealous of my best friend who had not one, but two Barbies AND a Ken doll!

Check out some of the Barbies available at these links -

Christmas Barbies - Every year a new Barbie doll is released in her holiday best ready to make a little girls day ...... well originally that's what they did although I must admit the Holiday Barbies seem to be snapped up more by collectors these days than young girls, but they still look fabulous.

Halloween Barbies- As with the Christmas Barbies these tend to be snapped up more by collectors these days I think, but they are a great idea to give to your children instead of yet more candy after they've gorged on enough from their Trick or Treat bags!

Superhero Barbies - I absolutely love this range of Barbie dolls (ok, I know I say that about a lot of them!) - I think the reason I like these is because it includes a childhood idol of mine - Wonder Woman. I don't have a Wonder Woman Barbie of my own ...... yet, but I think she would kick some serious @###!

Twilight Barbie Dolls- Barbies have stayed very relevant by keeping up with what is popular from movies to popular television shows you can get Barbie dolls made out of characters you love. The Twilight series of dolls are fantastic and my only disappointment is that it took them so long to bring out an Emmitt doll, although that has since been rectified!