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The Muppets Mugs

The Best Coffee Mug's a Muppets Mug!

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Jim Henson was a genius in my opinion and my childhood was enriched because it included watching the Muppets Show every week, it wasn't just a children's show as our whole family would sit down and watch it together. The characters that Jim Henson created like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and all of the members of The Electric Mayhem house band, along with countless more Muppets will stay forever in our hearts and minds forever.

The Muppets really have left a magical memory in my mind which is why I was so happy to see a fantastic range of Muppets mugs were now available to purchase online. Since breaking my Spandau Ballet mug recently I've needed a new mug to take me back in time and any one of these Muppet mugs will do that really well.

Another thing with these mugs are that some of them can be personalized which means they're also a great gift idea for friends and family alike. I'm positive the quality will be great as they are from a POD company called Zazzle who offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and as a personal Zazzle customer I have to say I've always been blown away by their product's quality.

Enough talking, let's look at the mugs on offer, be sure to let me know your favorite at the end won't you.

The Muppets Mugs

Whether you like tea, coffee or hot chocolate if you're a Muppets fan (and who isn't really?) then you'll love the selection of Muppets mugs that I've collated here for you.

There are groups of Muppets on mugs along with your favorites adorning their own coffee mugs. Some of these mugs can be personalized with your own name as well which is just awesome in my opinion.
The Muppets Mug Fozzie, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo Mug Muppets Circle Graphic Mug Muppets Walking Poster Coffee Mugs Muppets Travel Coffee Mug The Muppets Coffee Mug

Kermit Mugs

It might not always be easy being green, but I'm betting that your green tea would taste even nicer in a Kermit mug than a plain one!
Kermit the Frog Charming Eyes Disney Coffee Mugs Muppets Kermit Smiling Disney Mugs Banjo Kermit Disney Mug Kermit The Frog Smiling Disney Coffee Mugs Kermit Disney Mug Kermit the Frog with his Mouth Open Disney Coffee Mug Kermit the Frog lying down Disney Coffee Mugs Kermit From The Muppets Disney Coffee Mugs Muppets Kermit Lying Disney Mug Kermit in a Suit Coffee Mugs Muppets' Kermit the Frog Disney Coffee Mugs The Muppets Kermit similing Disney Mug

Miss Piggy Mugs

Perfect to sip your morning coffee out of, your afternoon tea and even a cup of cocoa in the evening. A Miss Piggy mug is just what you never realized you'd always wanted!
Muppets Miss Piggy Disney Coffee Mug The Muppets' Miss Piggy Disney Mug Miss Piggy 3 Mugs Miss Piggy 4 Coffee Mugs  Miss Piggy standing in a styl Disney Mug Miss Piggy 2 Mugs The Muppets Miss Piggy standing flowered dress Mugs Miss Piggy 2 Mug Miss Piggy Coffee Mugs Muppets Miss Piggy Disney Coffee Mug Miss Piggy Leaning on a chair Mug Muppets Miss Piggy Disney Coffee Mug

Miss Piggy & Kermit Mugs

The Muppet's Star Couple!

Kermit may keep resisting Miss Piggy's amorous advances, but you have to admit that when you see them together on these mugs they are a star couple set to rival Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, forget Bradgelina here's Kermiggy or should that be Pigmit?
Miss Piggy and Kermit Coffee Mug Holiday Kermit and Miss Piggy Coffee Mugs Kermit and Miss Piggy Coffee Mugs

Sattler and Waldorf Mugs

When I was growing up Sattler and Waldorf were a couple of my favorites (they tied with Animal as the best Muppets in my mind), but I didn't realize until I was much older that they actually had names. I always thought they were just the grumpy old men in the balcony!
Muppets Sattler And Waldorf looking at each other Mugs Sattler And Waldorf Arms Crossed Coffee Mugs Statler and Waldorf Disney Coffee Mugs

Animal Mugs

The Coolest of Muppets!

I loved Animal because he was crazy and also because of the amount of energy he used playing the drums - I loved to impersonate Animal on the drums ..... not sure how good I really was, but I used to make my parents laugh! This Animal mugs make a great gift idea for any 'crazy' Muppet fan.
Muppets Animal Disney Coffee Mug The Muppets Muppet in Collar and Chains Disney Coffee Mugs Animal Disney Mug Animal wearing sunglasses coffee mug Animal Meditating Coffee Mug Muppets - Animal Disney Coffee Mugs Holiday Animal Mug Animal Disney Mug Animal Disney Mug Holiday Animal 2 Mug Wild about Xmas Mug Animal Mugs

Gonzo Mugs

Muppets' Gonzo Plaid Suit Disney Coffee Mugs Gonzo Disney Coffee Mug The Muppet Gonzo dressed up waving Disney Coffee Mug Gonzo with a Plunger Coffee Mugs The Muppets Gonzo smiling Disney Coffee Mugs The Muppets Gonzo Superhero Costume Disney Coffee Mugs Gonzo in silly clothes coffee mug Holiday Gonzo Coffee Mug Gonzo in Sunglasses Coffee Mugs

Fozzie Bear Mugs

The Muppets Fozzie smiling Disney Coffee Mug Muppets Fozzie Bear Disney Coffee Mugs Muppets Fozzie Bear standing holding banana Disney Mugs Fozzie Bear Smiling Disney Mugs Fozzie Bear Mug Fozzie Bear Disney Coffee Mugs Fozzie Bear holding a rubber chicken Coffee Mug Fozzie Bear Holding Disney Mugs Fozzie Bear Disney Coffee Mugs Holiday Fozzie the Bear 2 Coffee Mug Fozzie Coffee Mug Holiday Fozzie the Bear Mugs

Pepe Mugs

Muppets Pepe the king prawn standing Disney Coffee Mugs Pepe the King Prawn Coffee Mug The Muppets Pepe standing Disney Mug Holiday Pepe Coffee Mugs Pepe Disney Mug Holiday Pepe 2 Coffee Mugs

Beaker & Bunson Mugs

If you liked the great Dr Bunsen Honeydew, then you'll love a Bunsen or Bunsen and Beaker mug - a scientist who invented an electric nose warmer, what a guy. Of course I can't think of him without thinking of his assistant (who out of the two of them was my favorite), the hapless Beaker who would always end up getting blown up or electrocuted or something.

Without Beaker the Muppet Show would've had a lot less laugh in my opinion so if you look back on the Muppets favorably then a Beaker mug just has to be in your future doesn't it?
The Muppets Bunsen Disney Coffee Mugs Muppets' Beaker Disney Coffee Mug Beaker Screaming Disney Coffee Mugs Beaker Disney Mugs Holiday Beaker Coffee Mug Holiday Beaker 2 Coffee Mug Muppets Beaker and Bunson Disney Mug Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker Coffee Mug Beaker and Bunson Disney Coffee Mugs Holiday Dr. Bunsen Honeudew Mugs Holiday Dr. Bunsen Honeudew 2 Mug Holiday Dr. Bunsen Honeudew Mugs

The Muppets Swedish Chef Mugs

Muppets' Swedish Chef Juggling Coffee Mugs Muppets' Swedish Chef Disney Mugs Muppets' Swedish Chef Chicken Mug

Sam the Eagle Mugs

Muppets Sam Looking Bothered Disney Coffee Mugs Sam the Eagle Mugs Sam the Eagle Mouth Open Coffee Mug

More Muppet Mugs

There were so many other great Muppets characters such as Dr Teeth, Rowlf, Janice and Floyd Pepper that it was impossible to name them all, but you can get them in mug form so if I haven't mentioned your favorite be sure to check out - Muppet's Mugs.

Which is Your Favorite Muppet Mug?

I really can't pick just one Muppet mug as a favorite so I'll have to have two, one for my tea and one for my coffee! I'm going to choose Sattler and Waldorf with their arms crossed as one of my favorites and the other would have to be Animal bashing a drum! So what one would you pick?

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