Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pewter Gothic Vampire Pendants

Gothic Vampire Jewelry

Brought to you by Alchemy of England this pewter Death of a Vampire - Alchemy Gothic pendant is a great example of the vampire jewelry which is extremely popular right now.

Pewter is one of the mainstays of vampire jewelry as are dark and/or red stones to symbolize the darkness of their souls or the blood that drives them.

This pendant is a fantastic piece of vampire jewelry as it encompasses a sword blade, bat wings and a red heart.   If you love vampire jewelry then you'll absolutely adore this dark, Gothic pendant.

I should also mention that this particular piece of jewelry is cast and handmade in English pewter.

Just in case it doesn't appeal to you, or you already own it we'll look at a few other pieces as well.

The Sacred Heart Gothic Pendant

If you're stuck for a gift for the teen in your life then the chances are they'd love a piece of vampire jewelry like this Sacred Heart Gothic pendant.

The Sacred Heart - Alchemy Gothic Pendant NecklaceCheck Price
This Sacred Heart Alchemy Gothic pendant is cast and hand made in English Pewter, it also uses crystal and enamel to help give a lavish look to what is essentially a heart pendant that has gone very dark in the name of Gothic jewelry.

Also brought to you by Alchemy of England, established in 1977, this company has really found the core of Gothic vampire jewelry with their dark designs.

Bleeding Heart Gothic Pendant

Another version of a Gothic heart pendant is Bleeding Heart - Alchemy Gothic Pendant Necklace also by Alchemy of England. This Gothic heart vampire pendant shows a cascade of crystal blood pouring from the cruel wounds of tortured love inflicted on the person. Loving a vampire can hurt!

The pewter skulls, heart, crystals and chains all add up to make this a really funky gift for someone.......or you may just not be able to resist keeping it for yourself!

Want More Vampire Jewelry?

Vampire Jewelry is a growing market that was greatly influenced by the Victorians. Inspired by pewter and dark gems a lot of vampire jewelry incorporates garnets and onyx.

Victorian Influenced Vampire Jewelry - The Victorian era favored 'dark gems' such as pyrite, jet, garnets and onyx and these same gems are also favored in the making of Vampire Jewelry. The garnet influence is perfect for.....

Garnet Inspired Vampire JewelryBohemian deposits in Czechoslovakia. It is these Czechoslovakian mined garnets that are characterized by their rich deep red color. Almost like the color of blood......

A Couple More Gothic Vampire Necklaces

I just can't resist adding a couple more pendants for you to enjoy - I'd love to get all of them myself!

Both of these necklaces are also brought to you by Alchemy of England, let me tell you a bit about them both.   The Mirror of the Soul - Alchemy Gothic pendant is a beautiful pendant hanging on velvet for a fantastic look.   Peer deeply into the Gothic heart and the face of death will peer back with inevitable certainty. As usual with Alchemy of England products this pendant is cast & hand made in fine English pewter.

The La Fleur de Baudelaire Gothic Choker style necklace is named for the nineteenth century 'Gothic' poet called Charles Baudelaire and in particular his Fleurs du mal work which means Flowers of evil.

The green in the middle of this choker style of necklace is said to represent absinthe or the green fairy as some call it.   Absinthe was a very popular drink in some Parisian quarters during the 1800s and was said to give the drinker supernatural powers of creativity.

Personally, I just love the look of this necklace, but it certainly has an interesting idea behind it as well!

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