Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wonder Woman iPhone Cases

Decorate Your iPhone with Wonder Woman!

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I was one of millions who enjoyed watching Lynda Carter bring Wonder Woman to life on our television set growing up. She was the first female super hero I'd heard of and I thought she was fantastic. I'd love to decorate my iphone with a Wonder Woman iphone case and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Wonder Woman was heralded as a feminist icon when she first graced our television screens, she was strong and fast and she could take on anything! If you think Wonder Woman is a pretty cool super hero then you'll love this collection of Wonder Woman iphone cases, the only problem is deciding which one to choose (just remember you can choose more than one if you want to!).

If you have a friend who admires Wonder Woman then you've found the perfect gift idea for them, a Wonder Woman iphone case will make their day and they'll think of you every time they use their phone.

Wonder Woman iPhone 4 Cases

You won't need to use the Lasso of Truth on anyone to find out if they like your iphone case when you sport one of these ones as you'll know they're jealous that they don't have their own!

Wonder Woman iPhone 5 Cases

Any fan of Wonder Woman are bound to enjoy one of these cases for their iphone 5, made by Case-Mate these cases are made of a flexible plastic shell that covers the back and corners of the phone.   Lightweight, durable, sleek and impact resistant these Barely There Universal cases are designed to protect your case as well as a superhero can protect you.

Add the quality case to Zazzle's quality printing process and you get not only a good protective case for your phone, but one that looks pretty schmick too!

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