Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gothic Speakers

Go Goth With Your Speaker!

Are you looking for some Gothic inspired speakers?   Thanks to OrigAudio Doodle Speakers and Zazzle I've been able to locate some great looking Gothic speakers available to purchase online. These Gothic speakers are made of a light and durable white plastic with a fabric covering over the face. It's the fabric coating that has these fantastic Gothic designs on them which really make your speaker come to life.

I hope that I've managed to select speakers that you'll like whether you're a Classic Goth or a Cyber Goth so let's have a look at what's on offer...

Gorgeous Gothic Speakers

Let These 'Dark Maidens' Spin Their Magic Over You

Gothic Vampire Harlequin Fantasy 3D Doodle Speaker doodleGothic Skull Fairies Rock Tattoo Doodle Speaker doodleGothic Cemetery Lolita Vampire Fantasy 3D Doodle S doodle The Forgotten Tempest Gothic Speaker doodleHalf Of Me Gothic Speaker doodleGothic Forest Fae Fantasy 3D Speaker doodle
I love the look of these Gothic ladies - don't you?   I particularly like the blue tinted one that only shows half a face, my daughter on the other hand likes the one above that one the best (she's a tween who thinks she's a teen if you want an age reference!)

The wing of the crow brings him to the cemetery.Muhammad Iqbal

Crow Speakers

The Gothic Bird

I don't know what it is about the crow and the raven, but they seem to be embraced by the dark side of nature and by Gothic culture, is it because of thoughts such as the quote above or is the quote above because they've been embraced by darkness? After all if you get a group of crows together it's a murder!
Black Crow Speaker doodleCustom Raven doodleTwo Crows doodleDream the crow black dream. doodle

More Gothic Speakers

Let The Night In.....

The night time, cemeteries and skulls are all things associated with the Gothic subculture and they do hold a certain allure don't you think?

Night of the Spider Doodle Speaker doodleDark Castle Goth Creepy Custom Speaker doodleGraveyard Ghosts Gothic Doodle Speaker doodle Tree of Broken Hearts Goth Custom Speaker doodleHuman Skulls Speakers doodleVampire Skull Speaker doodle

Customizable Gothic Style Speaker

Spider Heart Gothic Custom SpeakerCheck Price
Many of the designs of speakers on this webpage are brought to you by a very talented Gothic artist who is known on Zazzle as Gothic Toggs. This is another of her Gothic speaker designs, but this one can also be personalized which makes it an awesome gift idea for any Goth you happen to know.

The dark purple is very much a classic Goth color and the style is also classic Goth, I would personally love to receive this speaker (hint, hint). It is also fairly plain in style compared to some of the other designs which means if you're not too sure on what Goth sub-culture someone belongs to then this design shouldn't upset anyone.

Let Me Know What Gothic Speaker is Your Favorite

If you did like these designs then which one was your favorite? I like so many of them it's hard to choose, but being a sucker for purple as well makes me lean towards the customizable classic Goth inspired speaker. Having said that I certainly wouldn't turn down the purple sky with the tree of broken hearts speaker either!

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