Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keep Calm Zombie Posters

If you know someone who loves everything to do with Zombies then why not get them one of the cool Keep Calm Zombie posters, there are certainly a lot of them to choose from - which one is your favorite?

This first one seems the most appropriate -

Although I guess if everyone did avoid the zombies there wouldn't be any cool zombie movies left and besides doesn't everyone know how to kill a zombie?   You need to 'keep calm' and aim for the head with either a gun or a baseball bat ....... well according to the movies I've seen anyway!

Keep Calm and Shoot Zombies Poster Keep Calm and Whack Zombies print poster in red Keep Calm and carry on And Aim For The Head Zombie Posters

I'm trying to decide which poster is the best as my brother's profile photo is of a zombie which just goes to illustrate how much he would love one of these.   I'm leaning towards the Keep Calm and Kill Zombies poster - which one do you prefer?