Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stocking Filler Idea for a Classic Games Lover

If you're after a stocking filler or secret Santa idea for someone who enjoys classic games like Operation, Boogle and let's not forget Etch-a-Sketch then I've found a great idea for you right here -

Aren't they great? For anyone who loved (or still loves) playing any of these three classic games these pens would make an awesome gift.

The Operation Game Pen contains 5 pieces as opposed to the 13 pieces in the full size game, but the nose will still light up and make that annoying noise when you're unsuccessful.......or so I've heard (she says trying to bluff that she has steady hands!!).

I still have my original Boggle game, it is fantastic! Anyone who enjoyed this game would love the actual Boggle pen, I know I would. It comes with a detachable letter cube and timer - what could be better? The next time you're waiting on the phone for someone to look up the numbers for you you could be playing week's staff meeting is also starting to look more interesting - isn't it?

The game that inspired would be artists around the world. Etch-a-Sketch is still widely used by children all over the globe. My brother is getting one of these for his birthday, he went from loving Etch-a-Sketch to making a living as a Graphic Artist! This Etch-a-Sketch pen sure beats playing on your PSP when commuting (on public transport I hasten to add - do not play games if you are driving!). The noise will not annoy your fellow commuters, but you'll still gather a crowd and when you want to start again just shake the pen!

What do you think, are these pens a cool gift idea or what?   Let me know which pen you'd like to get for Christmas, a poll I was running on another site had the Boggle pen well in the lead so if you'd prefer one of the other two then show off your allegiance in the comments below :)