There are lots of different types of dolls available from the ever popular Barbie doll to some of the delightful Steampunk dolls and the frightfully popular Monster High dolls.

Whoever you're buying a doll for you'll need to know what sort of doll they like first as the range available is huge.   From these baby dolls to Barbies, Monster High and more, dolls for playing with and dolls for collectors.

Here's a few more doll pages that you may enjoy -

Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls seem to have featured in most girls life at some stage which could be why they are also loved by collectors, there's just something about Barbie that awakens the little girl inside of us.   I have  a number of different posts about Barbie dolls that I hope you'll check out.

Monster High Dolls

Monster High dolls certainly weren't around when I was younger, but if they had've been I would've wanted them - the concept behind them is (in my opinion anyways) genius!  Check out some of the posts we have featuring them-

Ever After High Dolls

The Ever After High dolls are actually a spin off from the Monster High dolls and are another cool idea for a doll range which have proved extremely popular.   We have a few posts about them which give you some insight into the whole concept behind them.

More Dolls

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