Monday, February 28, 2011

3 Unique Lego Inspired Gifts

I have come across some really cool and unique gifts for people who love Lego.    Lego has been enchanting young and old since the 1940s and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon!   I have discovered these unique ideas that are bound to be a hit with any Lego enthusiast you know, here are 3 of the best -

A Lego Minifigure T-Shirt

This t-shirt speaks for itself, it's a great gift idea that I'd be happy to give or receive!

Lego Alarm Clocks

You can also get Lego alarm clocks like the one to the left which are really awesome.   This Lego Alarm clocks are also radios and I believe you can get them in red as well as blue.    You can also get a Lego cd boom box which can be stacked onto this alarm clock which is even more cool!

If the person you know is into Lego Star Wars then there are a selection of different Lego  Star Wars alarm clocks, my favorite is the Darth Vader Mini Figure Alarm Clock which I think looks absolutely awesome!

The Darth Vader Minifigure alarm clock also has movable arms and legs so you can pose him in different positions including standing or sitting.    So if you're ready to come on over to the dark side then this is a great clock to buy!

Lego Footwear

I absolutely fell in love with these shoes when I first saw them.   There are a few different designs, but there's something about this Lego Minifigures which is appealing.    They are made by Keds so you know they're a quality shoe and the design, well what can I say?

There you have it 3 unique and funky gift ideas for a Lego fan.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Celtic Jewelry Makes A Great Gift

I love the look of Celtic jewelry and with St Patrick's Day only a few weeks away it seemed like a good idea to feature some.   I have written about silver Celtic jewelry on a page - Buy Silver Celtic Jewelry Online - which features both Celtic knot pendants and Celtic cross pendants.

Another popular choice of celtic jewelry is the Claddagh ring.

What I particularly like though is the bracelet above, this is a great unique twist on the usual Celtic jewelry available which makes it ideal for this blog.

This ring is available from Amazon and looks gorgeous, well worth a gift at any time of the year.   Here's the product description from Amazon -

Product Features

  • Silver like beads, green glass crystals and pearl like beads make this a great gift to share with fr
  • May this celtic knot of friendship be forever at your side, to bring you love and laughter and lots
  • May this celtic knot of friendship be forever at your side, to bring you love and laughter and lots of Irish pride!
  • Great for birthdays, graduations, holidays or special celebrations.
  • Send a special and meaninful gift to a friend or family member any time of year.

Not an expensive piece of jewelry at all and yet it looks beautiful and speaks volumes, this would be a great 'just because' gift or a small thank you gift for a friend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Thermometer

When my dd was a baby we didn't use a baby monitor as we lived in a small townhouse and could hear her very easily.   I was aware of them however, but until recently I hadn't heard of video baby monitors - they look awesome!

If I was to have another baby while living in my existing house (very unlikely I should add) then I would be buying a baby monitor and having seen these video ones I am sold!

There are lots of different types of video baby monitors on the market (how could I not have known about them??!!), but this Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Thermometer is the best selling one on Amazon at the moment which I think speaks for itself.    It is worth checking out further though and so I did.

Product Features

  • High-resolution 3.5 inch diagonal color display and ultra-sensitive audio monitoring
  • Enhanced infrared night vision with adjustable brightness
  • Two-way communication and five built-in lullabies
  • Room temperature thermometer on baby unit with display on parent unit
  • 3.5 hours wirelss monitoring on parent unit without recharging
Well the product features (thanks to Amazon) make it seem awesome, but what about parents who have used this video monitor?


  • No way to lower the volume on the baby's monitor which means that if you speak or sing into the monitor to soothe your baby they are hearing you at a really loud volume.   As a mom myself I really don't think that a loud voice would be very conducive to soothing your baby back to sleep.   I used to go into dd's room and talk in a really low voice, or sing softly so that she would fall back to sleep - not good!


  • Parent Magazine picked the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor as one of their favorite new baby gadgets.
  • You can see baby on your monitor day and night.
  • You can charge up the monitor.
  • Recording the room temperature is a great added feature (not something I'd worry about having, but a nice bonus)
  • It has a good range which is important in a large house, or if you're hanging out washing while baby sleeps etc.

Overall this would make an awesome gift for any parent to be and is almost enough to make me get clucky again :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Funky and Recycled Jewelry

We all got up early this morning to go to a monster garage sale put on by our local Rotary Club for the Queensland Flood Appeal. We had donated a lot of the things ourselves that were to be sold and I was overwhelmed by how much it seemed that everyone had donated - they had to move into a bigger building! What does this have to do with gifts? Well my daughter was busy looking through all of the jewelry and bags as she's decided she is now a 'girly girl' - only a couple of weeks ago she was a tomboy (apparently)! Sometimes you can find your best pieces of jewelry quite by chance and it was by chance that I came across this bracelet online -

Recycled Record Cuff Bracelet - $ 29.95

From: Curiously Awesome Gifts

My daughter thinks it's awesome (apparently cuff bracelets are really cool) and I think it's great to see yet another use for our old vinyl records. Here's the blurb from the company -

The Recycled Record Cuff Bracelet turns discarded vinyl LPs into a simple and elegant fashion accessory. The shiny surface coupled with the vinyl's tiny grooves adds a dash of "awesome" to this eco-friendly and innovative recycled item.While it features enough "give" to fit most wrists, the Recycled Record Cuff can be stretched further by immersing in hot water. Handmade in the USA with a rhodium-plated backing.

Looking around I have found that you can find lots of jewelry made from recycled things online and some of it is really groovy, or should I say sick!

This bangle style bracelet is made of newspapers and is handwoven in India - a cool way to show that 'green is chic.'

Do you remember when you were younger and a boy would give you the ring from his soda can - now that was recycled jewelry and we didn't even know we were being 'green' and 'chic' we just thought it was love!

 Well I haven't come across any of these rings for sale online, but I have found this -

These pendants are handmade using vintage bottle caps and I think they look gorgeous - it takes me back way too many years.

If you don't like the peace sign logo they are actually available in a selection of different designs.

I hope you've enjoyed these few items of recycled jewelry that I've found for you - it is amazing how much is available online so you may find another post with some of my other recycled jewelry finds at a later date!