Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pearl Jewelry

I got my first piece of pearl jewelry when my grandmother died as she left me her string of pearls, I wore them constantly for about a year (I was very fond of her).

I also received a very special pearl pendant on the eve of my wedding which had been a wedding gift to my husband's grandmother from his grandfather. I wore the pendant when we married and I keep it still in it's original box to pass on to my daughter when she's older. 

I have a number of other pearl pieces as I love the different colors and (especially) the misshapen pearls that are available as jewelry pieces.

When you think of pearls you generally think of strings of pearls don't you? Well there are some fantastic pearl pendants around these days which are simply too gorgeous not to try on.

Pearls are often thought of as bridal jewelry which just shows how they represent purity, love and romance and so a pearl pendant would make a great 'I Love You' gift for someone.

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