Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for YSL

YSL bags that is!   YSL bags seem to be a favorite with many celebrities and when you look at the designs it's hardly surprising.

Yves Saint Laurent has such a wide variety of gorgeous bags to choose from that it would be hard not to find at least one that you want to own.   The Muse is a long time favorite of many celebs whereas I like the classic look of the Majorelle, you can find both of these designs plus others on YSL Bags are the Best Bags!

Even that site doesn't list all of the YSL bags that are available however, there's also designs called the Large Roady and the Multy which also look great......I can't find where to purchase these, but just search for them on ebay occasionally as it's amazing how many times you can grab a YSL bag at very affordable prices.

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  1. I love YSL as a designer. I am also a big fan of the perfumes. I have their Parisienne scent and it's fabulous. I find it interesting that it's kind of been on the down low as far as represented on red carpets lately, though.