Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Victorian Paper Dolls

Did you ever play with paper dolls when you were younger?   They were so much fun and you could dress them up in any number of costumes.   My favorites were always the Victorian fashions, I was quite obsessed with Victoriana when I was younger - I'm not quite sure why.

 I can remember at school watching a program that to my mind was like a soap opera, but it was based in Victorian days sort of like a Way We Were type of program and I loved the upper class outfits.   Unfortunately if I'd ever lived back then I would probably have been living in an overcrowded slum!

This Victorian Family Paper Dolls contains four dolls as well as 38 different costumes which means that you can play out your very own Victorian soap opera in your own home.   Forget computer games and re-introduce your children to the simple pleasures that playing with paper dolls can give.

Now this Victorian family is a nice place to start, but I did like the Victorian fashions so this next Victorian paper dolls is my pick of the selections available -

 In this Great Fashion Designs of the Victorian Era you get 2 dolls and 28 different outfits which includes Queen Victoria's wedding gown, dresses with the bustle evolving into a more hourglass figure that came in towards the end of the Victorian Era and evolved into Edwardian fashion.    

If you really love the idea of Victorian fashion then there are also Victorian paper dolls from Harpers Bazar which are fantastic high fashion costumes.   In fact there are so many different Victorian paper dolls available that I couldn't possibly list them all, but if you click on either of the ones I've featured Amazon also offers a range of different collections for you to try.

Even if your children are a little 'old' for paper dolls, it doesn't mean you can't revisit your childhood and indulge in a little fantasy as a great way of destressing and the advantage with paper dolls is that they are easier to hide in a drawer than a Barbie or Bratz doll would be!!


  1. Thanks so much for that, I've always adored toy theatres and paper dolls. Even had a blog about them. I log on to the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood. Well worth a look.