Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Marilyn Monroe

Screen icon Marilyn Monroe still has millions of fans and if you know one of these fans then here are some gift ideas for the.   Bearing in mind that most Marilyn fans will already own her movies I've tried to think of other Marilyn Monroe collectibles that would be appreciated.

I have compiled a popular selection of Marilyn Monroe Collectibles that people find really convenient when they're gift shopping (for themselves or others, I'm not sure!)

One of the most popular Marilyn Monroe gift ideas that I find sells is Marilyn Monroe Christmas Ornaments and these seem popular all year around.

There are a number of different types of Marilyn Monroe Christmas ornaments such as the one featured and many others that you can check out from the above link.   I think one of the reasons that this is such a popular gift idea is that people are reminded of your gift each year as they dress their Christmas tree.

Personally I love receiving special Christmas ornaments to personalize my tree with each year and I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way.

Another idea for a Marilyn Monroe fan is a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt and there are so many to choose from.   Now that makes it sound hard, but it's not really it's a case of there being lots of different colors to choose from which is great because the same color does not suit everyone.   It also means that there are different fits to suit people as some prefer loose fitting t-shirts while others like slim fitting shirts.   

I've actually compiled an ever changing selection of Marilyn Monroe T-Shirts which will help to make your decisions even easier.

Of course a classic Marilyn gift is a Marilyn Monroe Poster.   Again there are lots of Marilyn Monroe posters to choose from.

You can either buy a plain poster or get one framed, personally I love this ballerina pose in a frame, it looks great - doesn't it?

Marilyn Monroe Dolls are another popular gift idea.   Dolls are a great collectors item and you can get a number of different Marilyn dolls such as the Barbie 50th Anniversary doll that is pictured.

You can also find dolls that are dressed in her infamous white dress from The Seven Year Itch to her Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend pink dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

There are Marilyn Monroe Barbie dolls as well as a number of OOAK (one of a kind) Marilyn Monroe dolls to choose from.

My sister in law collects salt and pepper shakers so when I was looking at what Marilyn Monroe collectibles were available I naturally looked at those.   There are actually quite a number of Marilyn Monroe Salt & Pepper Shakers available and some of them are really awesome - what a great gift idea for a Marilyn fan.

There you go five different ideas for some great Marilyn Monroe gifts, I hope that something on here tickled your fancy :D


  1. Cool ideas! I love that framed poster.


  2. I also love that poster. I had no idea there were Marilyn Monroe dolls, but I am not surprised. Great gift ideas.