Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Chocolate – Gifts for the Chocoholic in Your Life

Carrying on into the third post of the A-Z challenge and we are up to the letter C, which as the title suggests is for chocolate.   There can be no doubt that chocolate is the nectar of the gods.   It tastes good, makes us feel good and apparently is full of antioxidants which are things that make us look younger!

Do you think that knowing all of these things means that chocolate is the elixir of life?   I don’t really know about that, but if you know of a chocoholic or two then here are some 5 great gift ideas for them –

Chocolate iphone cases – there are some great designs available such as this one from Zazzle -

Chocolate Collage iPhone 3G/3GS Case speckcase

If you don’t think the chocolate iphone pictured quite ‘hits the spot’ but you like the idea of a chocolate iphone case then click on the earlier link to find a great selection I compiled.

Chocolate t-shirts – now I love my tees, in fact I even write a blog – Tees That Rock – and there are some fantastic chocolate t-shirts around including this one that I designed myself –

Chocolate Mug

As well as enjoying my chocolate a little too much at times I also love a nice cuppa – sometimes I enjoy tea and sometimes a coffee.   My preferred coffee for years was a latte, but these days I’ve been quite taken with a morning mocha.   Whatever you like to drink a chocolate mug is another great gift idea.

Chocolate tile or sign– now I was given one of these for my 40th birthday and it’s sitting on my desk as I type this out.   It really is true and I love having it look at me every day :D

The only one I could find online is this wooden sign, but I was given the same quote on a ceramic tile that sits on it's own little stand and it really is a great gift idea.

Actually I wouldn't mind any of the gift ideas for chocoholics that have been mentioned, but so far I've only given you four and I promised five.

If you really don’t like any of these ideas then what’s wrong with just giving chocolate?   Let's face it you can't go wrong with giving a chocoholic chocolate - not ever!

You can choose from a box of their favourite chocolates to a chocolate gift basket –

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  1. Excellent! I love chocolate and that chocolate shirt of yours is one of my favorite designs.