Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Ice Invaders

Now I never thought I'd give anyone an ice cube tray as a gift, but that was before I'd come across these ice invaders ice cube trays - they are a really great gift idea for someone who was a child or teen in the 80s.

 I have recently brought one of these trays as a 40th birthday gift and it was one of the most talked about gifts apparently.   I'm only sad that I didn't get an extra one for myself as I would love to have some space invaders ice cubes in my drinks.

These would be great as ice cubes for an 80s party and they can even be used in Space Invader's Baking to great effect - I definitely need some.

It really is amazing how many different types of ice cube trays are available these days - forget the boring square cubes you can get ice cubes shaped like the titanic or hand guns or even themed ones like Halloween style ice cubes.

I think giving someone an ice cube tray may just be getting fashionable again - but only if you give a funky and/or unique ice cube tray!


  1. Yeah, I'm partial to my freezer's ice machine. If someone gave me an ice cube tray, they'd have to be in a really cool shape, like dragons, or phoenixes, or miniature minotaurs.

  2. I will agree with your first sentence, I never thought about ice cube trays as a gift either, but I guess they really are a good gift, because who would buy fancy ones for themself?