Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Fairy

I had a lot of problems trying to think what to write about today and then I as I was looking out of the window, telling myself to stop wasting time I saw my neighbor come out of her house with her young daughter.......dressed as a fairy.   How could I not have thought about fairies?   There are fairy gift ideas for the home and for the garden so let's have a look at a few of them.

This solar powered fairy would make a great accent for a garden and would look great in my friend's beautiful garden.   I however have fallen in love with another outside fairy as this one reminds me of a garden statue that is in the garden around my pool at the moment that I call Serenity.

The idea of a fairy sleeping appeals to me, whereas I'm sure my friend will love the kneeling fairy much more.

There are also some great ways of bringing fairies into your house
that also make great gift ideas, especially if you have friends who
love fairies.

There are fairy lamps and fairy ornaments.   I think these fairy ornaments are pretty funky....they're not really the fairies that used to adorn my childhood books and my daughters - for some reason my mother was always trying to get us all hooked on fairies!!

    These fairy ornaments are from Nene Thomas Fairies Couture who prides herself on fairy gifts that are unusual and unique.

Nene Thomas is a fantasy artist and each of these Fairy Divas are made from several castings of poly stone which is then hand painted.

According to the product description they will fly as an ornament from the gold cord loop with is attached.

They range in height and width from 4.5 - 5 inches and they all come in a windowed box ready to be given away as a gift.

 Artwork is another great idea for a 'fairy' gift and I have found some fantastic pieces available on Zazzle including this poster -

Fairy with mushrooms poster from 14.95 print
Fairy with mushrooms poster from 14.95 by funny_tshirt
See other Fairy Posters

There are all different types of fairy art to choose from and you can buy posters to frame or even get your designs put onto canvas, I think this particular fairy would look absolutely gorgeous as a canvas print.

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