Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Justin Bieber Gift Ideas

My daughter didn't get Bieber Fever at first, when she saw all the girls swooning on television and kept hearing 'Baby, Baby Oh' she would make a sign as though she was going to be sick.   Fast forward a few months (and some new friends) and I now have a daughter who thinks Justin Bieber is the bees knees!

What do you get someone who loves Justin Bieber?   Well luckily there's lots of Justin merchandise available for you including - 

  Justin Bieber jewelry like these rubber band/bracelets which are always popular and pendants.   There are dog tag style pendants and the guitar pic necklaces (like the one pictured).

You can even get square glass tile pendants with Justin Bieber's images on which are pretty cool.  

From a 9 and a half year old's perspective (the half is very important) the rubber bracelets are the best piece of jewelry, however a 12 year old's perspective is that a pendant is best - the guitar pic one pictured being her favorite.   Isn't it great to have both a daughter and a niece to help you select the best of Justin Bieber gift ideas for my readers?

Another great idea for a Justin Bieber gift is a t-shirt, the selection of cool Justin Bieber shirts is always changing so I would check out Justin Bieber Tees to see what's available at the moment.

If the person you're buying for has their own bedroom then what about a Justin Bieber poster?   I must admit I always had my room covered in posters when I was younger and as much as things have changed some things still stay the same!

Justin Bieber
Buy This Justin Bieber Poster at Allposters.com

If your Justin Bieber fan has their own laptop then they are sure to love a Justin Bieber laptop skin and there are quite a selection available.   With far too many to add to this blog post I've actually compiled some and added them to this site for you - Justin Bieber Laptop Skins.

 My final idea is to buy Justin's official book.......I hesitate to call it an autobiography, who can write an autobiography at age 16?   Your Justin fan will love it though because it is packed full of lots and lots of photos of Justin Bieber.

One drawback is that the book includes some of Justin's tweets and tells young fans how they can connect with him on Twitter so if you don't want your child on Twitter (my daughter certainly isn't allowed) then you should think up reasons to use or ways to avoid having this issue arise before giving this gift.......unless you're just the favorite aunt/uncle etc and then you don't have to worry about these sorts of things!


  1. I was most impressed with your blog and a very good J word, enjoyed the write.
    Good luck in the challenge,

  2. Some great ideas for fans. My girls aren't there yet, they still make the sick face.

  3. I don't have a daughter, so I hardly know who Justin Beiber is. I'm like Ozzie in that one commercial--"What's a Beiber?" Not sure if that commercial aired in Australia.

    Anyway--this reminds me of when I was young and loved New Kids on the Block. Somehow NKOTB gave way to other fascinations, but I still remember the obnoxious poster I had in my room. The joys of growing up!