Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Umbrellas

Umbrella's have come a long way since the standard black umbrella that men used to take 'to the city' when they worked as stockbrokers, bankers and the like.   You can now get umbrellas of all different descriptions.

There are so many different types of umbrellas available that I've even produced a webpage called - Unique Umbrellas!   I'm sure you've seen all the licensed umbrellas that are available for children - the Disney umbrellas and ladybug and bee umbrellas, well adults can have a little fun with their umbrellas as well.

You can purchase animal inspired umbrellas, Elvis umbrellas, New York umbrellas and more.   You can let your umbrella bloom like a flower with nature inspired umbrellas such as Daisies, you can own your own art gallery with art inspired umbrellas like Monet.   There are even Twilight umbrellas available if you're a Twilight fan.

An umbrella would certainly make a unique gift idea as well as a very practical one.   Some of these umbrellas make you even wish for a rainy day just so that you can show them off :D

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