Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Owls

My mother collects owls and has done since I was young which has meant that my brother and I have brought numerous owl gifts over the years.   I recently came across some great owl posters on Zazzle that would make a great gift idea for any owl lover.   There are posters derived from photographs of actual owls, retro feel owl posters and also fantasy owl posters like the one below -

2 FANTASY OWLS Poster print
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I have never given mum a poster before, but I think I might get one framed for her for this year's birthday.   The closest to a poster that I've given her was a cross stitch of a snowy owl that I made for her and framed - it still has pride of place in the family room.

One thing that mum has received a lot of over the years from various family members has been owl figurines and they are scattered around her house on different shelves.   This set of  miniature owl figurines would make a great gift idea.

The four different styles of owls would look great on a shelf or desk and are each 2.25" tall and 1.75" wide.   They look so cute I'd even love them myself!

Another gift idea that has been popular is an owl pendant - I have given my mother a beautiful owl pendant and she has also brought herself a couple of other owl pendants as there are some great selections of owl pendants available.   Also on the subject of owl jewelry - owl brooches are another great gift idea and one which one of my nieces gave mum last year.

One piece of owl jewelry that I had never come across until I was looking on Amazon for some gift ideas recently was a ring.   An owl ring had never crossed my mind before and yet there are quite a few in lots of different styles.   

The one I've selected here is a turquoise and coral silver ring which I think looks fantastic.   The turquoise really makes the owl seem to 'pop' and the reviews sound fantastic.   I think this could easily be added to the must buy 'owl' list - what do you think?

Another great gift idea for any owl lover is an owl Christmas ornament for the tree.  This could be given as a birthday or as a Christmas gift and is bound to be a hit.   I have compiled a webpage with a lovely selection of designs available online at - Owl Christmas Ornaments.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at some owl gift ideas, let me know if you have any other great gift ideas for an owl lover as I'm all ears :D

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  1. Your mom has good taste. Fun collection of owls. I haven't seen any ring like that owl before either.