Tuesday, April 26, 2011

W is for Wonder Woman iPhone Cases

Did you used to watch Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman when you were growing up?   I can still remember spinning around pretending to be Wonder Woman which is why I loved it when I came across Wonder Woman iPhone Cases.   They really are awesome!

The cases themselves are made by Speck so you know they're high quality.   They are actually a hard plastic case, but the design is printed on an easy to grip fabric that covers the case completely.   This gives the case a really unique touch of style.

This is probably my favorite Wonder Woman iPhone case as it shows Wonder Woman in all her glory wielding her golden lasso.   The designs available are able to be put on your iphone 3 or your iphone 4.   I think this is really bringing our favorite female superhero into the future with apple technology - what do you think?

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