Wednesday, April 27, 2011

X is for X Files

My hubby used to be obsessed with this series and so I found myself being sucked in as well (isn't it amazing how often that happens?), I can't actually remember how the series ended now, but it was great fun while it lasted.

So what can you get someone who's 'a believer' as a gift?

Well there's always the Complete Collector's Edition featured here - this set contains 61 discs so it would be a little dangerous to give to hubby as I can see way too many all nighters being pulled in an attempt to watch it all at once!

You might think that statement was me being funny, but unfortunately we had about two weeks of watching another box set (that I won't name in case it appears in another post :D) from about 9.00 at night until 2 or 3 in the morning every night and as far as the weekend was concerned dd was staying with a friend for one of the days and we only stopped to refuel - it can be hard work getting through box sets!

If someone is a really big fan of The X-Files however then they may already have the cds, whether they brought the complete set or season by season, so what else it available?

There's always a poster such as the one pictured or the classic UFO - I want to believe one.

I'm quite surprised that my hubby hasn't brought one to hang up in the bar yet, probably because he hasn't seen them in the shops recently - note to self don't let hubby read this post unless you've decided you wouldn't mind an x-files poster in the bar!

Other ideas for fans of the X-Files are books about the X-Files or a dvd on the Lone Gunman series which was a spin off from the X-Files.   I must admit I never saw this series, but I did like the Lone Gunman so this could end up wrapped up for hubby this Christmas.

Other ideas are some of the great X-Files t-shirts that are around such as these -



  1. Cool collection. The x-files are a fun X post. You have a bar? That is also cool.

  2. Yes we have a bar downstairs - where else would I be able to mix up my cocktails?