Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Hot Pink

Hot pink is a great color, but to wear it can be a little over-powering, unless you add it in accessories such as Hot Pink Scarves.   Depending on the material that your hot pink scarf is made of it can be worn in winter, summer, autumn or spring - hot pink really is a color for all seasons.   I love wearing a hot pink scarf over a black coat and jeans in the middle of winter as it can really brighten your spirits on a miserable, cold day.

It's also a lovely summer color however and reminds me of tropical flowers when it's draped around a summer dress or light pants and top.

Scarves aren't the only accessory that you can use to incorporate hot pink into your wardrobe, however.   You can also add hot pink hats such as the cuban style fedora hat pictured.   There are a number of different styles of hats that come in hot pink from summer straw hats to wooly hats and newsboy style hats.   All of these can be found on Amazon, so click on the fedora and then go on a hot pink hat search - it's fun, but can cost you money :D

Another way of adding hot pink into your wardrobe is with a belt or (even better) a bag.   The one featured shows how the whole bag doesn't have to be hot pink - just the trim - to add a cheeriness to an outfit.

There are some great hot pink bags that are just hot pink all other though so, again, have fun searching on Amazon for some great offers.

Another way of adding hot pink to your wardrobe is with shoes - I haven't looked to see what kind of selection of hot pink shoes are available at the moment as I tend to wear neutral tones on my shoes these days..................mind you there was a time when I even owned a pair of orange stilettos - I don't know what I was thinking, all I can say was that it was the 80s!

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  1. Hmmm, looks like I violate your rule. I have a hot pink shirt. I do love the bag you are featuring.