Thursday, April 21, 2011

S is for Sophie

If you're looking for a baby gift you can't go past Sophie the Giraffe.   This giraffe is really cute and is ideal for a babies small hands to hold and did I mention it's invaluable when they're teething?

I've written a full review of Sophie the Giraffe which explains all about why Sophie will become indispensable for any new parent right here - Buy Sophie the Giraffe Online.

Let's look at some Sophie's good points - her giraffe body is shaped really well for babies to be able to hold onto her from as young as three months.

Made of rubber Sophie the Giraffe is 100% Phthalates and BPA free so as a parent you can rest easy that Sophie won't make your child sick.

Personally I just love her quirky look and babies soon learn to recognize Sophie when you pick her up as they get extremely excited and will reach out for her from a very, very early age.   They also want to keep Sophie the Giraffe for much longer than the manufacturers tell you which (in my opinion) is always a good thing - it means that you get your moneys worth, doesn't it?

I wish I'd found a set of two when I got Sophie (see above) as it would've made things very helpful - some babies get so attached to little Sophie that it pays to have a spare just in case she goes missing - trust me it happens!


  1. Just love Sophie, pity I'm not young enough to have one, and thanks for the follow. :0)

  2. Sophie the giraffe is so cute, aside from all her practical baby uses. I'm with you, wish I found sophie when my kids were little.