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Why Mugs Make Great Gifts

Mugs are a Cool Gift Idea - Find Out Why

Owl Rise & Shine Heat Sensitive Mug
I think that if you have to buy a gift for someone and you’re not sure what to get them you should consider a mug. Most people I know drink either tea or coffee or a hot chocolate drink of some description so you know they have a use for it. I do know two people who don’t drink hot drinks, but even they would love a mug gift from me because of the added gift ideas.

What does it say when you give someone a mug? It shows them that you do know them when you’ve tracked down a mug from their favourite band/movie/tv show or you’ve found a mug that they find funny.

A mug is something that you can give on it’s own, but I do have other ideas that make your mere present an awesome parcel to unwrap.

For Coffee Drinkers – Add Some Coffee!

Mug Gift Ideas

When my daughter was in pre-school I brought a couple of plain white mugs and let her decorate them for her teachers. I then added some sticks of flavoured coffees which I knew they all drank along with some chocolate spoons.

This was a big hit and not only did my daughter have fun decorating the mugs, but they enjoyed drinking the coffee and I know the chocolate spoons didn’t last long as they were both confirmed chocoholics!

If the person you’re buying for prefers to grind their own coffee then why not grab some of their favourite beans and add them to the mug. If they use a capsule machine (which more and more people seem to be) then why not give them some chocolate coated coffee beans to munch on between coffees – delicious!

For Tea Drinkers – Add Some Tea

Gift Ideas including Mugs

I would add a sampler pack of tea to a mug for some of my tea drinking friends as they do enjoy trying new teas, but don’t want to be stuck with a whole packet of tea if they don’t like it.

Other friends of mine actually like to use loose tea, but don’t think it’s worth it for just themselves when they live with non-tea drinkers.

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser
One friend in particular loves it when I come around as she get’s the tea pot out and brews up some ‘proper’ tea. For this friend I brought some loose tea and an individual tea brewing ball like the one below. She adores this gift and now doesn’t have to fill guilty for making a pot just for herself.
I absolutely love the little tea pot weight that hangs over the edge of the cup - if I'd seen this one at the time it's the one I would've got just because of that!

For Cake Lovers – Yes Mugs Make Great Gift Ideas for Cake Lovers Too!

Convert Your Mug into a Cake Tin!

If the person you know loves cake then a mug can be a great idea, especially when you add ingredients and instructions for making cake in a mug. This is a cool gift for those ‘odd’ people who don’t like to drink hot drinks.

My brother has never drunk hot drinks, but I even converted him to loving mugs when I found him a cool Zombie looking mug and included a printed recipe for Chocolate Cake in a Mug along with the dry ingredients. The mug is now used as a pencil holder on his desk and the cake is long gone, but the recipe is still used in his home and has been passed down to his daughters as well!

If you like the look of the mug it's from Zazzle and the printing is amazing so I thoroughly recommend their mugs, especially as gifts. It looks like the cake hasn’t risen much here, but this is a 15oz mug so if you’d like to see cake erupting out of the top (which looks awesome by the way) then I would try the 11oz mug that’s also available instead.

The recipe (if you haven’t already got it) is really, really simple and has been touted as the ‘most dangerous chocolate cake ever’ the reasoning behind that statement is because it means that by using this recipe a chocolate cake is only 5 minutes away!

To make this cake you will need -
  • 4 tbsp flour
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp cocoa
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tbsp milk
  • 3 tbsp oil (I used rice bran oil)
  • 1 mug

Here's the simple directions -
  • Mix all of the dry ingredients together in the mug.
  • Add the egg into the mug and mix together well.
  • Add both the milk and oil into the mug and mix together really well (you really do have to mix this thoroughly).
  • Put mug into microwave on high for 3 minutes.
  • Eat it! I like to add some whipped cream to mine whereas my daughter thinks a scoop of ice cream is the best way to enjoy it!

Cookies, Lollies & Other Goodies

Of course you might be friends with someone who doesn’t eat cake or drink hot drinks, I do know one person who doesn’t really like many hot drinks and when it comes to cakes she’d rather eat lollies which is where the idea of filling a mug (that had a certain hunk who made her heart race on it) full of jelly beans came from. The mug was put in pride of place on her desk where she could just look at it constantly and the jelly beans were gone within a day!

Cool Mugs to Choose From

If you’re going to give someone a cool mug as a gift then look for a mug that will appeal to their sense of humor, hobbies they may have or other things they hold dear. 
I’ve written a number of different pages containing mugs which you’re welcome to check out along with a couple of cool ones that I’ve come across recently –
I absolutely love this scrabble mug and I know a few people who will really appreciate it.
They say caffeine focuses the mind so it's a perfect partner for one of the world's favorite word games.
I used to spend hours playing Scrabble, but I haven't played it in years, my parents, however still enjoy playing so this might be a good idea to get them.
There are lots of other cool mugs available as well and I don't think you can go past this next one for an innovative looking mug - any budding photographer is bound to love the look of this one.
Shaped like a camera lens it's a great gift idea if you have a friend or family member who is anything like me ....... I don't go anywhere without my camera these days.    Even my mom makes comments about my 'mild obsession' with the camera and when your mom says something you know you've gotten bitten by the bug badly!
If my husband or daughter are reading this then 'yes, I would love this mug for Christmas!'
There really are mugs to suit everyone from geeky inspired mugs to television inspired mugs and (as you can see here) mugs to compliment just about any hobby you might have.
I've written about a wide range of different types of mugs from Christmas themed mugs to Doctor Who, Superman and even the Muppets - if I've convinced you that you should be buying a mug for someone then be sure to check out my little collection of mug related articles.

More Mugs to Choose From

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  • A Stacked Tea Cup Mug
    This is a pretty cool mug in that it looks like some stacked tea cups - I would have loved to have seen this mug when my gran was still with us as she enjoyed drinking out of a cup, but wanted the volume of a mug so this would've made her day!

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