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Romantic Gift Ideas

Gifts That Say I Love You

There are many ways to say I love you including giving the person you love a thoughtful and romantic gift. I've compiled a selection of romantic gift ideas that are bound to make your partner feel very special.

One cool gift is the Notes in a Jar gift idea that you see opposite and we'll talk about that on this page, another time honored romantic gift is jewelry so we'll look at that as well as a few other romantic gift ideas.

The most important thing when trying to come up with the most romantic gift idea for your partner is to know them and get something that suits them - not everyone likes traditional romantic gifts like flowers, chocolates and jewelry so you have to know your partner first and get a gift that shows them that you've listened to them.

Notes in a Jar - Romantic Gift Idea

Messages of Love - a Perfect Gift

Notes in a Jar
You can purchase a Notes in a Jar gift really easily and they come with either blank notes that you can write your own personal messages on or pre-written notes with messages such as "I love you just the way you are" printed in a handwriting font. These jars come in an elegant box and are 6" high and made of glass (as you can see). The notes come in envelopes and they are both a linen textured material.

Of course you don't have to buy one of these Notes in a Jar to use the idea, why not make up your own version? Simply purchase a nice looking glass jar, add some confetti or use a heart hole puncher to make your own red hearts out of heavy paper and then add the notes.

You can simply fold the individual notes in half instead of putting them in an envelope and you can add as many as you like. Your partner can reach in and read a love note from you every day and feel loved and happy for longer than the time it takes to unwrap any other gift - that's romance!

Make Your Own Notes in a Jar

Supplies for This Romantic Gift

If you've decided on the diy version of the notes in a jar gift idea then you'll need a few things like a nice jar and perhaps a heart hole punch as we discussed above.

Love & Romance Coupons

Vouchers Your Partner Will Adore

Giving coupons or vouchers for gifts isn't anything new, but these are a little different and include things such as breakfast in bed or a free back rub.

This is another idea that's easy to make up your own and I've personally made up some 'gift vouchers' on the computer for things that my husband likes and have given them to him in the past when we (as parents) didn't have much money to give each other gifts. Sometimes I think he'd prefer them to other gifts I've actually spent a lot of money on as they were specially tailored for him!

Not sure what to put on a coupon? There's nothing wrong with buying a book of coupons here and if they like the idea then you can make your own up as a future gift.

Is Chocolate the Food of Love?

Chocolate Gifts say I Love You to Me!

If you're buying a gift for a lady then the chances are chocolate is a safe bet, but I do have a friend who doesn't like chocolate which I find really hard to understand! You really do have to know the person you're buying for if you don't want to make a romantic gift mistake!

Now as much as 90% of women (probably, I did just make up that percentage) love chocolate the old heart shaped box of chocolates as a gift is still sometimes seen as a bit of a romantic gift cop out, but there's still ways to make chocolate a romantic gift that will be treasured.

Find the chocolate that she loves for starters, not a generic box of chocolates ...... I'm going to give you two examples of what I mean now. My husband doesn't really have much of a sweet tooth, but there is one particular bar of chocolate that he really loves and when we first moved to Australia it was quite hard to get. Just before his birthday one year I managed to find a shop that sold this chocolate bar so I got him a couple and he absolutely loved it.......these days they're available at the local supermarket so it's not so special!

I used to work part time in a British shop and an elderly gentleman (I think he was in his 70s) would come in once a month to buy two bars of chocolate. His wife was living in a home and most of the time didn't know who he was, but he took the bus to visit her once a week and every second week he'd take her a bar of chocolate (she used to have one piece a day). They grew up in the UK in the town where this chocolate bar used to be made and every Sunday as a child her father would give her a bar. This gentleman's wife always remembered that the chocolate was special even if she couldn't remember who he was and to him it was important that she always felt that she had a 'treat'. I have always remembered that man and thought it was a very romantic gift that he gave his wife.

Heart Shaped Porcelain Fondue Pot
If your partner doesn't have a favorite chocolate bar that is hard to find then another idea would be to get them something a little more unique that will still enable them to indulge in some chocolaty heaven......

A heart shaped fondue! This is a really romantic twist on the old box of chocolates which is bound to impress ..... just remember to include some melting chocolate as well!

Find Your Way to Romance with a Compass

Heart Pocket Compass

If your partner loves orienteering or any other activity that involves a compass they might appreciate this gift idea. It's just a novelty piece though so they should still use an actual compass, but it's a very romantic notion I think.

Follow Your Heart Pocket Compass
There are a few different sayings available on these compasses from Follow Your Heart to Love Will Find The Way & My Heart Will Guide You Home.

Send a Message in a Bottle

A Time Honored Romantic Gift Idea

From songs such as 'Message in a Bottle' to movies and books about people finding romance after a message in a bottle washes up on a beach the whole idea of a message in a bottle just screams romance!

Message In A Bottle ®
Now you can buy messages in a bottle to give your partner and if they love the idea of romance they will adore this gift.

You decide what message to put on the 'message' and it will be printed on paper with burnt edges for an eternal and romantic touch.

Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry that says I Love You

Jewelry is still a traditional romantic gift and if your partner is something of a traditionalist when it comes to romance you can't go past a nice piece of jewelry.

Valentine Couple's "Love You' Lock & Key Pendants
I think the interlocking jewelry that you both wear is the ultimate in romance as it brings back memories of young love as well.

This particular lock and key pendant looks awesome and has great symbolism as well.

  • Romantic Jewelry Gifts
    Romance and jewelry really do seem to go hand in hand from interlocking necklaces to heart shaped birthstone rings.
  • Couples Interlocking Necklaces
    Interlocking necklaces are a really cool way of giving someone special a piece of jewelry that says you and me forever.
  • Puzzle Rings
    I love puzzle rings, these rings interlock together as though to say we're soul mates and are one of the most romantic pieces of jewelry around.

Use Your Partner's Hobbies & Loves to Tailor the Perfect Romantic Gift

Knowing your partner really is key to impressing them with a special gift as all most people want is to feel that they've been listened to and paid attention to. The key to a romantic gift lies with the person you're giving to and whereas some want to be wooed with chocolates and flowers other's prefer their very own tool set or a new fishing rod!

What I'd consider a romantic gift is totally different to what my sister in law would call romantic so let's have a look at a few more ideas that are a little outside of the box to give you an idea.

If your partner loves their Lego then these ideas are a cool way of acknowledging that while trying to say you love them.

If they love to cook then what about their very own recipe binder?

Black Leather Pocket Page Recipe Book
I remember making my husband his very own recipe book for Christmas including recipes he loved using from magazine cuttings and a 'secret' recipe from his Aunty Loma and a couple from his mom - he loved it and twenty years later he's still using it.

If they love drinking coffee then what about getting them a special mug along with some of their favorite blend?

Multicolor Heart Squares Two-Tone Coffee Mug Owlways in my heart, cute Owl Gifts Stainless Steel Travel Mug All you need is Love Ringer Coffee Mug

If they love nothing more than a lovely cup of tea then a tea strainer or special tea pot might be appreciated.....

More Romantic Gift Ideas

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