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Lego Statue of Liberty

Lego # 3450 - The Statue of Liberty Set

Lego Statue of Liberty
Have you seen Lego's Statue of Liberty set? When completed this Lego Statue of Liberty is, in a word, awesome! This is what you call a serious Lego set and contains not 236 pieces or 401 pieces but 2,882 pieces! We are talking about a Lego sculpture that will end up standing 33" tall when complete.

Lego decided to really make a statement when they introduced this set in 2000 and they succeeded!

This Lego set of the Statue of Liberty is simply stunning when completed. Forget Lego sets that have 401 pieces or 236 pieces this is a serious Lego set and contains 2,882 pieces, after all the Lady Liberty likes to make a statement!

This set is not one you can construct in a spare half an hour, it's not overly complicated, but it is very time consuming. The result is well worth it and the finished piece of art (because that's what it looks like) will really impress your friends.

Ready to take a look at Lego's Statue of Liberty set in more detail? Let's read on...

Eyecatching Lego Set

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Lego 3450 Statue of Liberty Sculpture 2882 Pieces
At the time of this set's release in 2000 it was the largest Lego set ever produced (this has since been succeeded by the Taj Mahal). When Lego discontinued the manufacture of this set (almost as soon as it's release) the price for it seemed to double over night which means that if you see it on special you have to act fast!

I would love to build the Lego Statue of Liberty myself, but I don't actually own it and I've written this thanks to numerous online friends who have shared their experiences building this amazing looking set.

Amazon Editorial Review

"There are small LEGO sets, there are large LEGO sets, there are even very large LEGO sets. And then there's the LEGO Statue of Liberty. It features a daunting 2,882 pieces and a graphic guide book to show you how to construct the statue in just 80 steps. A lot of work? It sure is. But with great work comes great rewards. The completed piece stands an impressive 2 feet 9 inches tall and is an impressive tribute to one of the most recognizable monuments in the world."

Watch the Statue of Liberty Being Built Out of Lego!

The Construction of #3450

You can see as you get higher up in the levels the Statue starts to reveal itself ….

Lego Statues of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty Shall Have a Lego Pedestal!

Of course it's one thing to complain about the lack of a pedestal for your Lego model of the Statue of Liberty it's another to do something about it. You love Legos surely you can recreate the pedestal, check out this one....

Pedestal for Statue of Liberty #3450
Phil has recreated his own version of Lady Liberty's pedestal and attached it beneath his Lego Statue of Liberty - it looks amazing!

Lego Set #3450 Continued

This Statue of Liberty set really is a long build and most of the people who have told me about it say it took them either a whole day of concentrated building or a couple of days to complete. The monochromic bricks in the same color made the build a little harder so I definately wouldn’t recommend this for a younger Lego builder as it could cause a lot of frustration.

This set, obviously, comes with an instruction book and this details each layer individually which makes it easy to follow……as long as you’re concentrating. The problem with building a recognizable monument in this size is that if you make a mistake it can take a few layers before you realize!

The general consensus is that the torch looks fantastic! One person did complain that it was a little unstable and came off when it was played with, but to be honest this isn’t a set for play in my opinion. This is the type of set you build and then put on display in your office – high up away from children (aren’t I mean!!)

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