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Monster High Gigi Grant

Gigi Grant is Another Student at Monster High School!

Monster High Gigi Grant
The daughter of the Genie, Gigi Grant is released from her lantern by Howleen Wolf much to Gigi’s delight as she gets very claustrophobic and being ‘trapped’ in a genie lantern really doesn’t help with that!

If you’re looking to buy a Gigi Grant doll for a Monster High fan then you’re in luck because at the time of writing there’s only one Gigi Grant doll available to purchase which means you can’t get the wrong doll. If you’re looking for a Clawdeen Wolf doll for example there are quite a few to choose from which is where problems can arise!

If you’re actually looking for more information about Gigi Grant then you’ll have to keep reading as we look at this newer ghoul from our favourite school – Monster High!

Monster High 13 Wishes Collection

Gigi Grant was released as part of the 13 Wishes doll collection and in conjunction with a television feature length special called ….. you guessed it, 13 Wishes!

The reason for this name is that when Howleen Wolf discovers a genie lantern and releases Gigi Grant Gigi offers her 13 wishes (I’m not sure why it’s 13 instead of the usual 3 that you read about, but….).

The 13 wishes doll collection contains 4 different dolls ……

Monster High 13 Wishes Doll Set Of 4

The four dolls that make up the 13 wishes collection are Gigi Grant, Howleen Wolf, Twyla and Lagoona Blue. All four of these dolls are available on their own as well as in this set.

Monster High 13 Wishes Howleen Wolf Doll

Howleen Wolf is sick of just being known as Clawdeen and Clawd's little sister and dreams of being one of the popular kids in school so when she finds a genie lantern and meets Gigi Grant she thinks all of her wishes are about to come true.

Her pretty pink hair coupled with her bright and very 80s inspired fashion choices certainly makes her look a very cool looking doll and I think that anyone would love to own this Howleen doll. The doll comes with her pet hedgehog, hair brush, diary and a doll stand.


Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

I think that Twyla looks absolutely gorgeous. The daughter of the Boogey Man she is very shy and tries to shrink into the shadows unseen, but Howleen being the daughter of werewolves sniffs her out and they become BFF.

This doll comes with Twyla in a gorgeous looking outfit of black, purple and blue along with her pet – a dust bunny called Dustin and a dreamcatcher purse which I know my daughter would love her own version of! Also included are a diary, hair brush and doll stand, although most of the girls I know who love Monster High will NOT be using the doll stand!!


Monster High 13 Wishes Lagoona Blue

Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the Sea Monster, but thanks to a wish granted by Gigi she is turned from a sea monster into a freshwater monster (her boyfriend Gil is the son of a fresh water River Monster). This transformation calls for a whole new look for Lagoona that includes cool goggles that she wears on her head and my favorite fashion accessory - a fish bowl purse complete with her pet fish, Neptuna!

This doll also comes with a hair brush to keep her new hair do in check, her diary and a doll stand.


Gigi Grant

Monster High 13 Wishes Gigi Grant Doll

So besides the fact that Gigi is the daughter of the genie what do we know about her so far? Well if you sneak a look into her diary you’ll find that she gets very lonely and bored when she’s trapped inside the genie lantern and I have to say you really can’t blame her can you? She thinks that being trapped for so long is what has made her claustrophobic and you have to admit that’s not a good thing for anyone with genie DNA to have.

The thing that I love most about Gigi is her hair. It is a gorgeous hot pink color which I think makes everyone take a second look and then she also has a gold colored streak running through her left side which just makes it stand out even more.

Gigi says that one of her favourite things is to go sightseeing so she loves it when a monster makes a wish to go somewhere that she hasn’t been to before …….. I don’t know why she can’t just grant herself a wish or two, but maybe there’s some special genie code or something.

Her pet peeve is when people use one of their wishes to ask for more wishes and I have to admit I’d probably do that too, but that’s with the traditional 3 I do get Gigi Grant’s point about 13 should really be enough!

She also loves astronomy and her dad’s homemade hummus with freshly baked pita bread.

More Gigi Grant Monster High Dolls

You can now get a couple more Gigi Grant dolls which is great -

Monster High New Scaremester Gigi Grant DollMonster High Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant Doll

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