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Lego Creator Houses

Lego Creator House Set
Lego Creator House Set
Are you looking for a Lego Creator House set? There are lots of different ones available from the Lego Creator House set pictured to a log cabin, beach house, townhouse and more.

Here I'll look at some of the Lego Creator House sets in more detail so that you can choose which one you want to build first!

By the way, have I told you why I love these sets so much? Lego Creator sets come complete with instructions for building three different homes - now that's what I call value for money!

Lego Creator Model Townhouse

Lego Creator Set #4954

The great thing about the Lego Creator sets is that they come with instructions for more than one thing and this Lego Creator Model Townhouse set is not different in that respect. The instructions that accompany this set includes instructions to make 3 different designs, and then of course all the children can come up with their own versions as they like…..and they usually do!

The set does look pretty amazing, especially if you make the configuration pictured, but there is no interior which is a bit disappointing – why have a two story house if you’ve got no stairs and no upstairs floor? There are no minifigures so I would assume that the house must be on the market, but there is a car so maybe the owners were spirited away somewhere like on the Marie Celeste!

Product Features
  • Calling all architects – Kids can create their very own house or villa, complete with garage and car!
  • Features unique elements including doors, windows and flowers.
  • Step-by-step instructions for three models in one box and photo inspiration for many more.
  • Possibilities are endless – build car into a delivery truck or add a basketball hoop and see-saw to the front yard.
  • 1,173 Pieces

LEGO® Creator Model Townhouse
When completed the Lego Creator Model Townhouse stands at 9″ (23 cm) tall. There are some great elements to this Lego Creator set with the doors, windows and flowers. Not only can you build 3 different houses you can also build a delivery truck instead of the car!

With 1,174 pieces there is a lot of Lego to ignite your child’s imagination……..or yours!

Lego Creator House

Lego Creator Set #4956

My reviews of this Lego set are all secondhand, but one comment which a long distance friend made was that her son loved the fact that his matchbox cars could fit in the garage of this particular Lego Creator House. It’s always a toss up between whether to send him another Lego set or a matchbox car so it was great to hear that this covered both of his favorite toys!

From reading online reviews it appears that Lego have hit all the right notes with the exterior of this house, but (like with the Townhouse above) the interior is disappointing.

Product Features
  • This spectacular set includes all the parts you’ll need to design your own original creations
  • Add a garage, driveway and fence in the yard – the possibilities are endless!
  • Features plenty of pieces for roofs, walls, doors, windows, even trees and gardens!
  • Includes building instructions for 3 models and inspiration for more!
  • 731 Pieces – Build the house of your dreams with LEGO Creator!

Lego Creator Beach House

Lego Creator Set #4996

I’ve always loved the look of A frame houses, although I’ve never lived in an area where one has ever come up for sale……..I guess I’ll have to build one and for practice Lego have developed this Lego Creator Beach House set. Well in all honesty I don’t think it was created just for me, but…

LEGO® Creator Beach House (4996)
Like all of the Creator sets this one comes with three different sets of building instructions so if you’re not as keen on an A frame house then you could build a cafe or an apartment building instead.

There are no minifigures with this set, but I like the idea of building it away from your own Lego City as a holiday home and then you can all hop in your Lego City Camper or your car and drive to the Beach House on weekends.

Product Features
  • Need to get away? Relax in your very own beach house!
  • Second floor lifts off to see stairs and fireplace on the first floor with a balcony and a skylight that opens!
  • Outside there is a patio with table, umbrella and chairs, and even a barbeque grill with chicken
  • Beach House stands over 6½” (16.5cm)high and includes a 5″ x 10″ (13cm x 25cm) baseplate
  • Includes instructions for rebuilding into a cozy cafĂ© or towering apartment building
  • Contains 522 pieces
  • Realistic details include mailbox, doorbell, flowers, walkway, light fixtures, chimey, tree and lots of windows
  • This colorful building is packed with fun and realistic details, from the big sunlit windows to the barbecue and umbrella

Lego Creator Log Cabin

Lego Creator Set #5766

This cozy little log cabin can make you feel like you’re living in the wilds like Grizzly Adams! As with all of the Creator house sets it comes with instructions for three different models becoming a log cabin, country retreat or river hut depending on what you’d prefer.

Product Details
  • Features removable, unique dark red roof and hinging wall section for greater access
  • Also features open fire with chicken, wooden logs, tree, opening doors and windows and horn ornament
  • Minifigure with backpack, paddle and canoe included
  • 355 elements

Lego Creator House

Lego Creator Set #5891

Like all of the Creator sets this Lego set comes with instructions to compile three different builds. The one featured on the box – The Apple Tree House – seems to appeal to both boys and girls which is always great when you’ve got both in the house.

LEGO Creator Apple Tree House (5891) - 539 Piece set
It has great little features such as a satellite dish so that they can all watch the Disney channel (apparently), basketball hoop (always fun), lawn mower, and an apple tree.

Unfortunately this set is let down by the interior as with the other Creator houses, but there’s plenty of scope for play with the outside if you have Lego minifigures from other sets to ‘live’ in the house playing basketball and mowing the lawn etc.

Product Features
  • 3 models in 1: Rebuild into a tall townhouse or summer home
  • Classic family house packed with details, like mail box, lawnmower, outdoor light, water tap in the garden and much more
  • Features a blue tiled roof which can be lifted to play inside
  • Highly detailed: Basketball hoop, TV antenna and garage
  • 539 pieces

There are lots more Lego Creator houses to choose from along with other great sets from this range. Any Lego range which gives you several different sets of instructions to build different things has to be a great idea in my mind and that's why the Creator series gets a big tick of approval from this mother.

Once a child gets bored playing with one particular model of house (or car if you have any of the Lego Creator car sets) then simply get them to build a different one to play with!

Introducing the Lego Creator Treehouse Set

Lego Set #31010

Yet another fun 3 in 1 Lego play set this Treehouse is simply amazing. I think all children like the idea of having their own treehouse, but unfortunately we don't all live in places where that dream can come true which is where this Lego set can come in handy. Many hours of play can be enjoyed creating their very own tree house and then playing in it.

Lego Creator Tree House Set

LEGO Creator Treehouse 31010 Toy Interlocking Building Sets

This Lego set features 356 pieces and is recommended for ages 7-12.

The features include 2 tree trunks, detachable Treehouse with detachable roof, secret trapdoor with lock and red bucket trap, fold-down ladder and storage area.

3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a lakeside hut or farmyard barn when the tree house loses it's allure.

Hide the treasure map in the hollow tree and explore the night sky with the telescope.

Lakeside hut features a small jetty, removable roof and a pizza oven

Barn features upper level with ladder access, large wheelbarrow and a garden.


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